HTML5 Snake Game Test

I'm currently studying Web 2.0 technologies, this is a test using HTML5 CANVAS.
Rendering real-time with script calculations, great for study, source of9lessons.
To play you need a browser that supports HTML5.
Using arrows to control the "snake".
Speed set on the script to a "normal" (perhaps?) range.

Good luck! XD


Anonymous said...

Cool. ♥

Grant Hess said...

Ha! Very cool. One of the very first games I ever owned way back when! :P

Jeremy said...

lowl, I always sucked at this x) and now I have a score of 911 x)

#MK said...

It was also one of the games I was addicted to when I was younger, so simple yet so addictive. :P

There is a great potential with HTML5 coming ahead, not long since we see a Mario game in HTML5! haha
That is, if there isn't one already. :P

Jeremy, nooo this one doesn't count, too easy! XD

JewelsRule said...

I got 1343 XD

Anonymous said...

Wow. It so addicting... lol!

Susan said...

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