Hair Mesh #005 Wip

I started doing this hair at this warmth cozy morning, I got really only a base and some detail planes but it's really solid so far (I think)...
2.5 hours of work so far. Stop here, do that, back to that, and so on. Oh, life.

Fringe-less version (WIP (Maybe eternal haha)):
Right now I got more solid mesh and textured (thanks to anto XD)
I think it's pretty much done... except for that fringe.. I hate it XD
I am not good with fringes, if don't get it right, remove it. >___<

-#1 Some update on back-

-#2 Almost finished-


Jeremy said...

It already looks really beautiful! =D Can't wait to see it finished! And good luck :3 with all the things you still have to do with the hair :3

Anonymous said...

It looks very good so far. :)

Anonymous said...

What a cute mesh! It's looking great so far :D

#MK said...

Thank you! ッ

I started on adding more detail planes, which is the part I go crazy...
Though this one I don't plan too many, as result not very good on Sims.
(Only on specific render software)

I am so lazy to draw alpha. Want to put at least some texture to see the flow better. But, laziness wins...
Chocolate, anyone? °-°

#MK said...

Back almost done with detail planes.
> pic

B.o.S Sims said...

The Mesh already looks beautiful :)
Btw i already add the pictures of brow slider at your Lip Slider comment ^^ Thanks

Raigiux said...

Hi, you making very good and stylish hairs, but why just sims 3? I'm so need it in my game. Please convert it to sims 2 :)

Kotangens said...

It's truly lovely :)
Keep on such great work ^ ^

#MK said...

Thank you guys!
I did made few changes on the hair, it needs heck lot more planes, will upload the progress.

Maximum, I got the depth one done, I will see if I can upload it soon. :)

Raigiux, oh yes, will see.
Problem is, I am very lazy... XD
But I recently found new way to make it all easier so I hope laziness don't win!

Anonymous said...

Looks cute but I hope you can also make a version without bangs maybe? Or adjustable ones like with that other hair.

B.o.S Sims said...

Thanks aWT ^^ I'm excited :D

#MK said...

I actually have three ideas for this mesh! XD

Anyway, I will see how it comes up, if I like the result enough I will continue to modify it.

Maximum, I am just doing the pictures for the sliders.
Soon will be up (I hope) :P

Mura said...


I always have a soft spot for bangs and fringes. I just can't help it.

Whatever comes out at the end, I'm sure it will look great, especially coming from you who looks at feedback and, when possible or when you feel like it, take them into considerations for modifications.

Keep it up MK~!

#MK said...


Thank you, I updated pic with it textured, but I don't like the fringe at all. XD
If you have any ideas just let me know.
It's just there is something off about it.

I might redo it completely though...

Salia said...

it really looks fantastic! Can't wait to download!
Please let the fringe...or make a version with and without. I like the fringe... :)

B.o.S Sims said...

Just love it :D

Mura said...

I personally like the fringe. Maybe you can do like Salia said about both a fringe-less and a fringe version.

What exactly is bothering you about the fringe? Is it the length? Maybe it has to do with the gaps/lack of gaps in-between the hair on the fringe? Have you also tried different strand length instead of a regular "degrade"?

Or maybe it's just you being your perfectionist self and nitpicking fatally at your own work? 8D

Anonymous said...

It looks so beautiful *_*
What software did you use ? Did you follow a tutorial to be so talented ? ♥

#MK said...

I have no idea why I don't like the fringe, XD
It looks, weird for me.
But I will try to put it on the game to see how it looks.
Maybe there is appeals better...
Thanks for the feedback. :)

Last anon, the softwares I use you can see on the Credits page;

When I first started meshing it was hell complicated for me that I almost gave up, specially hairs.

From what I gathered from the knowledge acquired is that it's all about experiencing new things and trying out new styles to try to adapt yourself into it.

There is still a lot to learn, for example, I need to fix that last male hair, it has a problem with the normals on some planes due to their orientation.
Hair meshing can be quite complex sometimes, depending on the mesh style you are going for.

There isn't many or even any thoroughly polygon hair meshing tutorials out there unfortunately.
And it would be worse for meshing for Sims, as the game is really not mod-friendly.

Let's just say, you learn from your mistakes. #alot

Mura said...

What do you think about her fringe? I know it's what's been bothering you the most haha. I was wondering more specifically what you think about those spaces in-between the hair strands of her fringe. I think it looks quite nice and realistic, but often in some angle it may become troublesome I think.

I can't really have a better idea than that right now since I can't see it in every angles, but so far, I still like it very much.

#MK said...

Hey Mura!
I got some time to get back working on it; actually I fixed those spaces on the fringe, it was just my mistake on the alpha.
I removed some planes I didn't quite liked a bit, here how it is looking now:
> picture

Well, it's pretty much done I think, just need to fix (more) things...
But if things happen as I plan, I will be releasing it around november, hopefully! :)
And thanks you guys for your opinion and to check out the progress!
I will see about a fringe less version too.
Have to let my imagination flow on the style for that.

B.o.S Sims said...

Love both version :D
The fringe less version looks elegant & The fringe version looks cute ^^
Awesome aWT ^^

신은지 said...

It should be fringeless!! It's so pretty that way!! I like fringes but the hair looks perfect already :D how bout releasing both verson? ;;D

Anonymous said...

Download, Please :[

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