Leon S. Kennedy Cloth WIP

  Lapiz made Leon inspired hair mesh, and I couldn't help, by being the Resident Evil addict I am, it motivated me to try to recreate his cloth in 3D.
He changed a lot from his last appearance on the fourth game, this is a render of Leon on Damnation:

Resident Evil: Damnation Teaser Trailer
Damnation Trailer

Don't know how long will take me to finish, if actually to be able to, but this will be the WIP topic
to people who want to see the development and progress on my work. ッ

I actually got around porting my Cloth Mesh #001 until this happened:

The Sims 3 Cloth system doesn't allow meshes to take the whole UV space, instead we have a limited space to put the UVW.
Means we can't put as much detail in texture we want because we are limited in terms of UV Placement.
So, that just pulled me off on making custom cloth meshes to The Sims 3.

Anyway, back to the cloth in question, I want to make Leon's Special Agent cloth, which is on the fourth game only.

[1]   [2]

Mesh #1: Shirt
Vertex Weight:

#Shirt History Pictures#

Mesh #2: Jacket
Got half of the jacket done so far.


Meanwhile.. Just exploding things around.



Sackgirl said...

Resi fan myself. I always had a soft spot for Leon. did you watch Resident Evil: Degeneration. Looks like a lot of work, hope it all goes well. I will be checking out your updates on this, shirt looks pretty good so far.

#MK said...

Oh yes I saw Degeneration. Awesome CG.
I am a big fan for CG animated films, like Final Fantasy too.

I found reference picture of Leon that has the shirt only.
Now seems I have to redo the sleeves and perhaps less detail to the chest area on the mesh.
As I might focus on the texture when I am done with the UV only though.

chobits said...

Looks incredible! I am also a huge fan of the Resident Evil Franchise! Hope it all goes well for you and I seriously can't wait to see the end product!!!XD

Lapiz Lazuli said...

This look really cool! i am looking forward to it.
I personally like Leon re4 version the best just because character design look well balance. ;D ;)

Friday said...

I'm Loving it!, amazing you're a very good creator, congrats.

#MK said...

Thank you guys!

Lapiz, great! It was your hair that motivated me to do Leon cloth, I am way addicted to Resident Evil stuff.

As for character design, I wish same had happened to Chris in the last Resident Evil.
Capcom seems to be in favor of steroids...

Well before doing the back of the shirt I started doing the front UV already to spare me time when I weld them both.
And for my happiness, everything was split....
> pic

This UV is going to be fun!

#MK said...

I actually thought that UV was going to be a pia.
Turns out it wasn't.
Just finished it:
> pic

For Sims, I still would need to split the sleeves from the base to make the texture.
Anyway, UV done.

Before start drawing the texture I will make the back of the shirt and the collar.

reminiscence said...

Very looking forward to it and hoping gloves come with it as well (greedy me)
Btw, nude back isn't bad, XD

Mura said...

Oh lord, I would so create a Leon sim when that's complete! Keep it up!

#MK said...

Haha, thanks!
I sure will make the gloves too!

But my mind if off now, I kind of finished the shirt mesh, just need to draw texture.
[look topic]

Was just wondering if morphing would be possible, because this mesh is very high-poly, so I just wonder if TS3 would be able to handle the mesh morphing;
That is if Milkshape will not bork my mesh with different faces while triangulating, or even different vertices IDs.
Damn, we need a GEOM exporter for 3DS!
My mind not in place to start studying a new language, otherwise I would give a shot.

While the morphing is an interesting concept to test, I would say it is too much work involved...
Meaning, pia.

#MK said...

Put the pictures of how shirt mesh is right now. ッ

Will start on the jacket mesh now.
Maybe try some exporting = headache

#MK said...

1/4 of jacket mesh done~
Now I got lazy, need to get some programming done. XD

Lapiz Lazuli said...

I know it's difficult and this look awesome already. can't wait until you're done :)

Anonymous said...

Esto realmente resuelto mi problema, gracias!

#MK said...

Lapiz, thank you, the most difficult thing would be to port these meshes to TS3, too high-poly mesh, and the skinning on Milkshape always get broken.

I started working on the gloves, once I get a more solid mesh I will post pictures.
Hopefully gloves skinning can be simpler (I just hope);

Anonymous, hmm, me no understand spanish! XD

Anonymous said...

That looks amazing! You got some serious meshing skills. Secret fan. :O)