3DS Pose Test #003

  To contribute to the works of Wes, mesher, cmo and OM I've been working on skinning TS3 body meshes into an working 3DS Max Scene.
So far, the only modelling tools available for Custom Animation using SMD is Milkshape and Blender.
Unfortunately, SMD Plugin is not importing very well, and I still trying to contact the coders.

But I am commonly used to 3DS and to be able to make poses/animations there would be quite easier.
sunhair found a working SMD plugin for Max last version, which was the reason that encouraged me on trying to make a working scene.
This is a quick pose I made, believe me, it is SO MUCH EASIER compared to MS, that I HAD to go on with it.

Sorry for the bald creepy guy renders!
Anyway, I am here sharing with you, mainly for test, actually.
So, if you could, let me know it is all working well on other computers, if so, HOORAY! ッ

Hopefully, I can provide the scene and small MAXScript I think the plugin allows that! Until~  

CLIP: a_aWT_Pose003

Credits: General Credits
Wes Howe - AnimTool
cmo - Pose Player
orangemittens - Custom Poses
Mesher - Rigs

In order to play custom poses you need the Pose Player installed at your Mods folder.
And make sure you follow orangemittens's instructions carefuly in order to play this pose.


Sackgirl said...

This looks interesting. I really want to make some poses, but i think am going to leave it to the people that know what they are doing. I am just getting to grips with my photoshop. Nice pose. I will test it out.

Anonymous said...

Great pose, I will test it too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi!Love the face overlay,
I tested it, works fine!! Great work! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi !

I would like to know how did you find this plugin for 3DS Max 2012. Can you post the link, please ?

Thanks !

Cecesaun1 said...

I will try it out and test it also...if I can. Blender keeps crashing on me but I will get back to ya!

Cecesaun1 said...

Trying to download but it keeps giving me an error page stating the session has timed out. I will try again in an hour.

Rick Pacheck said...

Hi aWT! I came through MTS at the pose tutorial.
While I don't have much knowledge on this, I am interested on making poses on 3ds.
Blender never worked on my computer so I have to use Milkshape, which is a bit complicated to make poses on.
I know it must be a extensive work to do that but I am just wondering how is your progress since you posted the test pose? Thanks in advance.

#MK said...

Thanks for the testing, I am glad to know the clip is working.

Anonymous, 3DSMax 2012 SMD Importer/Exporter plugin by Cannonfodder.

Cecesaun1, I replied your email a while ago, but I kept getting Delivery Status Notification failure from your address.

Rick Pacheck, thanks, I am glad more people are interested on 3DS as well.
Well, after some headache I am almost done skinning the male body mesh.
I need to speak with Wes regarding some doubts I have, as I want to create constraints for the rig as well.

Once I get that done I will start skinning the female mesh.

KATSU。 said...

Hey man, I was wondering, would you possibly take into consideration a slider request (unless someone has already asked you this before)?

My slider request is in regards to the upper lips mouth definition.

In CAS we have ability to adjust the upper lips mouth definition vertically, but not horizontally. And if you make the upper lip less wide, the upper lips mouth definition decreases in width but in reality, that doesn't always occur in people.

This picture better demonstrates what I'm requesting: http://i53.tinypic.com/2s5xvgx.jpg

If it's at all possible, I sincerely hope you will consider doing it. It would be very versatile.

#MK said...

KATSU。, sure, no problem!

KATSU。 said...

Awesome! Thanks a lot! ツ

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