Important Information (HQ Modification)

HQ Modification

As it's already known, each patch brings/modifies (new) features.
Such that "break" some mods, as they are meant to a specific patch.

This specific mod modifies a really important file of the game.
There is a possibility that they add new instructions for the game engine.
Even though you test and your game loads fine, in case they did, it will miss important things.
Do NOT load it to play with the mod until I can provide information it is compatible and functional.
And if not, an update release on the mod.

Consider this of notice for each Expansion or Stuff Pack it might come.
If you decide to test it yourself, don't blame me for any damages it might bring to your game/hardware.


Anonymous said...

Alright sir!

Anonymous said...

On behalf of many others , may I just say " Huh? "

Anonymous said...

I think she was pretty clear, wasn't?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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WM said...

Thank you and Support you!

#MK said...

"On behalf of many others , may I just say " Huh? ""

If you can be clear as to what you did not understood I would be able to help you out. ;)

#MK said...

"is awt gay? having an icon of a hot guy."

And my sexual orientation is relevant because of what exactly?
If you came here to ask that you wonder that, I suggest you to go wonder over something of more importance for your own life.

Rhiannon said...

Anonymous said...
is awt gay?

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