The Sims 3 HQ Modification (Patch v1.22.9 Compatible)

With demand of quality for the game The Sims 3, this modification helps increasing how the game will render textures.

Sim textures are rendered into one single image, and for that, the game engine scale down the textures to fit one single size.
This small modification will increase the limit the textures will have.
Choose wisely, don't be greedy, if your GPU can't handle, the textures will render all blurred out.

The modification occours on the file "GraphicsRules.sgr".
Modifies the instruction "RenderSimTextureSizes" on setting "Very High Quality" and will apply only for LOD0.

The changes will only been seen if the setting "Texture Detail" is set to High.

To install, drop the file into base game Game\Bin folder.
Make sure you backup the original before replacing the file.

This modification will intensify the rendering process, it's recommended NOT to use it for constant gameplay.

Help Promoting:
With such modification creators can make their textures with bigger sizes (2048x2048 is enough).
Spread the word, so we can have more quality in our game with this modification.
It affects Sim textures, meaning, everything related to CAS.
E.g: Face/Body Skins, Makeup, Tattoos and Clothes.

This mod functionality has been implemented into a tool to suppress the need of patch-compatibility update.


☆R.A.Y☆ said...

Woow Incrediblee Tanks AWT! Great Work, its awesome, works perfectly!!!!

KATSU。 said...

This is really exciting and I can't wait to try it out. I have some questions, though. How long would constitute for "constant" gameplay and what would be the consequences be?

Antonio said...

Awesome mod! love it e.e
let's burn nVidia! XD

#MK said...

KATSU。, It's actually a question of how well your game runs.
The Sims 3 renders a lot, and with this mod it will do more.
Hence why I don't recommend to use it for constant gameplay as in, to just play the game.
Meaning to use this only when you want to take pictures with better quality or such.

Although you can use x3072 or x2560 through your gameplay if your GPU is powerful and have a good memory (512+ up).
As it will allocate more memory into the game cache itself.

As for consequences, comes to mind only that it might increase loading time significantly if it needs to render many Sim textures, as in loading a whole town of Sims.

Unfortunately, as for now, we are not using all the power this mod can offer, since every CC creator share textures with default size (1024x1024) but once they release higher-resolution ones, you will notice a lot more difference.
Being detail, and quality overall.

B said...

Oh, I see. This is for creators to take better high quality pictures of their creations and raise the quality when creating. Since I am a game player, this would not work for me, but glad to see something like this. Can't wait to see the difference.

Anonymous said...

Could you be any more awesome! Thank you so, so, so much. I use 1024 whenever I can, I know the file sizes are bigger but its why we do for quality. I nearly screamed out loud when I read the details on this. Thanks again!

Robodl95 said...

Except for the pluses for creators is there a difference on in-game textures? Could this solve the problems with blurry shoes and blurry accessories when 2+ accessories are used? Seems like a really cool mod, thanks!

Robodl95 said...

* By ingame I mean EA

BlackSweety said...

Stunning! As usual. I hope this mod will be used by all the sims 3 players)

feriunn said...

You sir, made history today!
Just tested, the detail on how my sims looks in the game and is great, I hope we see more quality from now on! Thanks!

Cecesaun1 said...

I can't wait to try this out!! Yay for better picture quality!! Thanks!

Flajko said...

Dude you're my Idol!!! I've tried this on my Faith sim and...WOW!! She looks much more clear and without pixels, and her tattoo(which I made as 2048x2048 texture) really shows quality!

tamo said...

Whoa, another awesome mod from awesome aWT!!! Can't wait to try it out. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

does it do anything for CAS?

Kotangens said...

Oh my god, this hair is super awesome!!!!
Please, convert it to sims 2 *___*

#MK said...

B, exactly, we stay in hope that creators share both high/low resolutions so people can still have a choice.
RD, wow! Heyy, congrats on marriage! ^^
BlackSweety, thanks Kris! Congrats on the marriage too))
Robodl95, this mod will affect all ingame Sim textures.
The problem with that is how the game will attempt to sum and weld all UVs together in the textures.
But due to the increase of its size it's possible that the "blurriness" will be reduced.
Flajko, dude I LOVED your Faith Sim! <3 Mirror's Edge
Any chance you put the tattoo with the original quality for download? :>
Anonymous "does it do anything for CAS?"
It does not affect the CAS-rendered textures, only ingame.
I didn't found necessary to change them since they already render more detail.
tamo, thank you awesome tamo! XD
Kotangens, I think you commented on the wrong post. XD
But don't worry, I will! ^^

And Anto, please don't burn your GPU as well! T_T

Kotangens said...

Omg, yes, sorry >____<
thanks! will wait for your converting so much!! *-*

Jeffersim said...

Hello, aWt ! ☺

Could you share 2 pictures comparing the textures (one without the mod and another with the mod), please ? :(

Thanks in advanc for your answer...

Anonymous said...

Jeffersim, I'd expect that it would vary with your graphics card, as well as which texture size limit you choose and the individual CC.

#MK said...

Jeffersim,, the reason I did not in first place is exactly because of what the person above just said.

Flajko said...

Hey aWT, I've uploaded a comparison picture with Default "GraphicRules" and your version 2560x2560!The file for tattoo doesn't need to be updated since it's originally uploaded with 2048x2048 texture! Just try it with your mod and you'll see!
As for the picture here she is:

Anonymous said...

Genius aWT :)
Btw , is it affect fps in game?

#MK said...

Thank you Flajko, if someone wants to see the differences that one shows it clearly.

Through some current tests, I would say that right now, the x2560 texture size is more than enough for a good performance/quality.
And is even usable for gameplay on a good machine.

Anonymous, since it intensifies the engine renderer, it does affect the fps.
Will always depend on your GPU+CPU and the specific content for it to render.

Mura said...

Thank you very much for this aWT. It certainly improves texture quality in a lot of places, which quite impresses me. I just wish I had a better computer in the first place.

As for anyone who wants to see various screenshots showing the results, I've taken quite a few screens here:


Anonymous said...

Hey please help i have nvidia 8400 gs 512MB and game is not even starting after pasting that graphicrules.sgr ?
please tell me what i do ?

Anonymous said...

Delete this modded one and paste your old original one back .

Anonymous said...

but i want to play game with that high res graphic rules.SGR file

Anonymous said...

It's pretty pointless if it stops you playing your game altogether . better to be able to play your game than not yeah ?

o-h-crap.blogspot.com said...

Love these! :)

piggyy @ http://piggyy92.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

aWT your mod is amazing ^^
i just try in game with x2560 & see that the tatto appear more sharp & smooth.
Btw does this mod affect the building or house texture also? thx

Mura said...

"It's pretty pointless if it stops you playing your game altogether . better to be able to play your game than not yeah ?"

No one said you can't play it, just that it is not recommended since it decreases performance. If your computer is good enough to handle the extra creaming on top, then I see no problem that.

Also, there are people who play the game differently than "normal gameplay", such as taking pictures and making stories this way.

Anonymous said...

I know that . My comment was made to the person who couldn't start their game with this mod installed . Obviously it's pointless to him/her because if they can't start their game they can't use the mod anyway :)

Shyne said...

I just tried this. It's... epic... :D

iKi 樹 said...

GREAT MOD!! ありがとうございます。

Anonymous said...

can we just put it in the bin folder then only change texture detail to high when we just wanna take a better quality picture? would it affect gameplay if i just leave in bin and not use it?

#MK said...

"can we just put it in the bin folder then only change texture detail to high when we just wanna take a better quality picture?"

It will only affect when the setting mentioned is set to the maximum.
Otherwise it will render just as vanilla does.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please show me how to put this into my bin folder step by step?

Im not sure if im doing it correctly or not. This is what I "think" is correct but please help if im wrong

I go to the C: Drive --> Program Files --> Electronic Arts --> The Sims 3 --> Game --> Bin --> Then I just drag the folder to go under the GraphicsCards.sgr folder to replace the GraphicsRules.sgr.

Is this the right way?

Anonymous said...

Yeah , that's the file you replace . Make sure you BACK UP ( COPY ) your original GraphicsRules file to a safe place before replacing it though .

Zandvoort said...

Does this only make the Sims look better or the complete game? ( Meaning: textures, bushes, cars etc.)
Since I'm a house builder and I would love to take pictures with nice graphics.

Anonymous said...

As the creator of this mod states in the original post , it's only Sim related stuff ( clothes , tattoos etc ) rather than objects and scenery .

Anonymous said...

um... since i installed this plugin, my sims3 game can't run as usual, it couldn't install sims3pack file, even can't get into the game, i hope i can solve this problem.
Sorry to brother you, anyway thanks for your awesome plugins!!!

Lotus said...

I love it, thank you!

#MK said...

Update: v1.22.9 Compatible

Attention: For this patch (and probably from now on), you will have to put "GraphicsRules.sgr" over the Base Game folder.
Not at the last EP/SP folder as it was in the first release.

Anonymous said...

hi! thank you for updating this awesome plugin! changed my whole view of the sims game for me. :)

Flajko said...

I would really like if you could make a lower resolution version of this mod(like 1536x1536 or 2048x2048) which doesn't slow down pc's or game and which is allowed by ModTheSims!
I think the resolutions for textures I mentioned are perfect for improving game's look and not reducing its speed! What do you think? Could you make a trial version just to see if you made a perfect balance and if it's still buggy and slows down a game then you remove it from download! I think simmers need quality but without huge hit on a performance! Also I can't describe how good it would be for ModTheSims to accept it! All speaking hypothetically! :)
I decided to reinstall Sims 3 game sooner....I'm an addicted creator :(

#MK said...

Flajko, the lowest (default) is already 2048x2048;

I would need to talk with someone at MTS; I will try to contact HP before they make any rules on this.

For example, 2560x2560 doesn't necessarily mean that the texture size for a upload need to be 2560x2560.
1024x1024 would still show it full detail.
Larger sizes would only need to be made if you need more detail or the texture size itself is limited due to UV Map size.

If you enlarge the texture yourself it would not make much difference, as the pixels would just disperse in the texture.

That is the size limit, if you open a Sim rendered texture in the memory cache you will see that everything being rendered on a Sim, is inside one single texture, a sum.

What I can do, is that the current sizes, I match a 512 pixel sum, which, for me, is significative.
I can do with 256 instead, that would allow more resolutions to be chosen.

I think I might need to write some post with all this information, so that things get clearer.

I will include these in the next update. ッ

Flajko said...

I've read your introduction post on this thread (should've done this earlier) and I think I understand what you are saying!

Textures that one sim posseses(let's say including its skin, eyes, maybe clothes?) are merged into one big texture which is, by default 2048x2048! So no matter how big we make textures(even standard 1024x1024 textures are big) they'll be scaled down to fit resolution of 2048x2048, am I right?

So with default resolution of that sum texture, we should make skins and such with low resolutions like 512x512 so they won't be merged down, am I right? Would that anyhow improve quality xD ?

You don't need to answer to my post if you don't want to, since you'll be making a new thread which will include all the details I wonder about! I don't mind waiting, I just want this to be a new standard which simmers will use and for MTS to accept it as a standard! :D

Mura said...

Hi aWT. I've recently read a comment that you made on Tumtum's blog. You wrote: "I love the details it brings to textures. I hope EA doesn't patch it like they did with objects."

What did you mean by that? Was it after patch 1.22? What did it do exactly to the textures and your mod?

#MK said...


- "So no matter how big we make textures(even standard 1024x1024 textures are big) they'll be scaled down to fit resolution of 2048x2048, am I right?"

Yes, this is correct, in the case this mod is applied the limit will be equal to the one you downloaded.

- "So with default resolution of that sum texture, we should make skins and such with low resolutions like 512x512 so they won't be merged down, am I right? Would that anyhow improve quality xD ?"

No no, they are always merged together, it's the way the game engine of rendering.
Always make textures in 1024x1024 size.
Or if you need more pixels, a higher resolution, doesn't necessarily need to be multiple of four. But 2 as well.
Just think that, the bigger the size of the texture, the bigger of quality it is.
That, however does not apply for textures you just increase the size by enlarging, because as pixels disperse, they will not contain all detail of the original resolution, thus, blurry pixels, resulting in no quality gain at all.

#MK said...

Mura, I said that because EA set the objects texture size to not be readen from this file settings, but by a default variable or perhaps they forgot to make the reading of that setting.

As I did tried to make this mod available to render object textures as well, happens it does not, well, as far as my eyes could tell, and I tried with big textures if I could see differences, and none were present.

Perhaps the game really can not handle that much, there's a lot of resources being processed in the cache, which even increasing its size makes absolutely no difference.

Perhaps if someday I dig deeper in the game core files I could find something worth to mod.

Flajko said...

I understand all now! :)
But the most important issue I want to clear out is if there is a way for ModTheSims to accept this mod and to promote it! It would make me and a whole community happy! :D

Anonymous said...

can this mod work on a mac?
sorry if you mentioned if it does, i must have missed it. xP

#MK said...

Hmm. I have no idea if this mod works on Mac.
You will have to try it.

kate said...

hi aWT, i tried to copy the file in game/bin but it doesnt work because it says that it already exist..so what should i do?? :((

#MK said...

Kate, you have to replace that file.
But create a backup of it first, just rename it to a different name like GraphicsRules.original.sgr;

I am currently working on a tool to automate the process of installing this mod, it will also have options to choose the texture limit size (256px-512px step);

Anonymous said...

I wanna use 4096x4096, but it's better not, right? x) I tested on my (old) game and the game don't load, but I will try it again (I think it's a problem with the patch)...anyway, thank you so much for making this mod, it's REALLY helpful! Hope it works on my game now haha (:

Frozen4322 said...

I tried 4096x4096... looks great!

Anonymous said...

sorry my english is poor..
where can i find the download page..?

Kath said...

Hello, sorry for my bad english...

Is Compatible with 1.24 patch?? Or one is available for this patch

#MK said...

This mod itself is no longer going to be updated, instead I wrote a application that does all the job I have to do in updating it.

> s3hq (HQ Modification Helper)

Lushness Sims said...

Where is the download button? -.-'

Anonymous said...

If you don't mind, could you please upload the mod again for download, as I can't use your new application 's3hq' - I'm on a mac. Before I really enjoyed the high quality, and would love to use that file again. Thanks for your time, please consider my request.

Anonymous said...

I can't find the download button too :/

Anonymous said...

Hi, I followed the instructions you have put up there but whenever I put anything up from 2560x2560+, my game would always crash 4-5 seconds in the loading screen. Is it because my computer can't handle it or does it mean that I'm doing something wrong?

Nisse said...

Uhm... I think i´m the most stupid person in the world. But i can+t find the file... And then i cant find the the Gme(Bin folder... Öh...

I would be very glad if you helpt me? :))

Susie said...

Will this mod be available for patch 1.26? Will it be updated, as I don't want to download this version cause it will nuff my game up lol XDDD

Jasmine said...

I've tried every program to my knowledge to run a Windows app on my Mac to get this mod to NO avail. I feel like I'm missing out. Every time I try to run it through Wine or Mono, it crashes, or it simply just won't run at all.

#MK said...

Jasmine, yes, Mac hard to get the mod through the tool.
What patch you are using?

I have uploaded the default versions of the mod in patch 1.29 here.

Jasmine said...

I'm using the latest patch, 1.29. I REALLY want to use this mod! I'm seriously considering buying Parallels just to run this.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Hi! I dont have the best english.. but this doesnt work for me :/ i think i put the bad files into game/bin.. when i download it is not only 1 file.. i feel confused. I would need step to step hehe.. any possibility?

Jasmine said...

Update. I tried runnning it through Parallels on my parent's iMac (I have sims installed on there as well) and it didn't work. I'm guessing I have to install the Sims 3 on Parallels in order for the mod to find the file it needs to work.

#MK said...

Jasmine, have you tried downloading the raw modded files? I pasted the link above.

Just put them inside your Game/Bin folder of the base game.

Linn, if you are at patch 1.29 you can just download the files I uploaded above instead of using the tool.

Ilaria Tedeschi said...

I'm sorry to bother, but the link you posted above doesn'r seem to work anymore, for me at least. Would you please reupload the hq file? Because I badly want this in my game, but I'm not able to make the helper tool work.

Anonymous said...

Linn writes:
MK: No, my patch is the one under.
I have put the ''s3hq'' and the 2 files ''Program.cs'' & ''s3hq.csproj'' inside /game/bin. Did i do wrong?

#MK said...

Anon, you downloaded the source code. :P
Download the tool executable: <here>

Lili, alternative download link: <here>

Ilaria Tedeschi said...

Thank you so much! I love you :*

Anonymous said...

Ok thank you. I have put the tool on ON but it isnt much difference :/

Lixue said...

Hi, sorry to bother you, but I have no idea which texture size would work best for my computer. I was wondering if you could recommend one? My screen resolution is 1366 x 768. Thank you so much! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah well.. i've put the tool on the highest and it do difference but not clear like yours... i guess i can't got it more then that :) Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello, I wonder how I install this plugin. And also how do I put for 4096. Please help me. I need to. Thanks in advance. I need a little tutorial on how to install and as per in 4096. n__n

Anonymous said...

I REALLY want this mod but have a Mac desktop. Is there anyway I can still make this awesome mod work? My graphics are terrible :(

Anonymous said...

I REALLY want this mod but have a Mac desktop. Is there anyway I can still make this awesome mod work? My graphics are terrible :(

Yarno said...

Can someone help me i do not understand !! i've download it but.. then i've got an program '' the name it HQ ON and OFF. But first i have to do something els,/??

The changes will only been seen if the setting "Texture Detail" is set to High.

To install, drop the file into base game Game\Bin folder.
Make sure you backup the original before replacing the file.
which File.??

Can you tell me awt ??

BranQ ♦³ said...

Hi. I want this mod, but I with my inteligent i cant... I dont understand... I dont know from where i should download this :( I downloaded somenthing but there a lof of things what isnt it what is writing there. Sorry 4 my english because im from poland...

Anonymous said...

May I ask is there a window of "Exception while defining Texture Size" pops out after I click on the button of "Set Texture Size Limit"?

Thank you;D

Anonymous said...

I am running Mac, and I really want to use this mod. But the tool doesn't work on Mac (what a surprise x_x). Maybe we can still use the mod, as Mac users ?

You gave the latest mod http://mktm.co.uk/uploads/HQ%20Mod% in this link, and it says "404 (Page Not Found)" when I click the link. I think it's broken.

Please, if you don't mind, re-upload the mod for us. Because it's an awful feeling when Windows users can use something, and Mac users cannot !

Anonymous said...

^^Anon, maybe you shouldn't be using a Mac then. :P

Sherazade said...

hello, you think that the mod hq works? http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8501/8285046278_e4217ce0e9_b.jpg

Anonymous said...

So ahh..where's the download button o.o?

Sarah said...

I might an idiot here, but I can't find the download? I tried going to the link on the bottom of the post and I downloaded the helper. I tried putting it in the Game/Bin folder, but it said it couldn't find the GraphicsRule file?

I am very confused, can anyone help me out?

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

my sims games are all in my D drive, not my C drive to save space, so when i attempt to use the HQ mod it says it can't find the GraphicRules file. is there any way to modify where the mod searches for the file, or can i edit the GraphicRules file myself?

Anonymous said...

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Chloep said...

hey, so I really can't find any folder titled 'Game/Bin' or even any with the word 'game' or 'bin' in it anywhere. I get confused so easily and I think I just need someone to talk me through it. help?

Anonymous said...

I had used S-club's hq mod before but it didn't work for me, now I'm really excited to download yours, I just hope it's as good as they say in Simplr.

Anonymous said...

My hq mod isnt working in game? Any sueggestions for what Im doing wrong?

Anonymous said...

where is the download link? am i stupid and just can't find it, or has it been removed? i've been trying to find a mirror, but no luck yet ):

Anonymous said...

Will my GTX970 be enough to run it contently??...Lol

Anonymous said...

nice work, thanks!


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