Pose #002

I think this is somewhat sexy and dark. What you think?
You may not find much use for it... ? But I wanted to share anyway. Well. I hope you like it! ;)
Now.. back to other projects...

CLIP: a_aWT_Pose002

Credits: General Credits
Wes Howe - AnimTool
cmo - Pose Player
orangemittens - Custom Poses
Mesher - Rigs

In order to play custom poses you need the Pose Player installed at your Mods folder.
And make sure you follow orangemittens's instructions carefuly in order to play this pose.

✰ Piérre ✰


chobits said...

Very cool and I'm loving those pics!!!

Ela said...

Awesome! Thank you for sharing- =)

B.o.S Sims said...

XD i really felt the darknesss through those pic ^^.
Nice aWT :)

uXMas said...

Hello AWT! Really well made pose! Likes it alot. ;-)
Could you please tell me where can I get the mask and flower your model is using?
Piérre is very handsome btw!

Anonymous said...

oh my god... sexy!!
thanks for sharing

Phum said...


Anonymous said...

Lovely and very pretty Sim ♥

Cecesaun1 said...

MORE!! Bring us more of these smexy poses please!! Also...what is orangemitten?

Anonymous said...

WOW! Love it! What skin are you using?!

Tomislaw said...

It's very nice! :) Useful :)
How I can put chair below him? xD

Heather said...

awesome! can i download that sim too???

B said...

Cecesaun1 said...

MORE!! Bring us more of these smexy poses please!! Also...what is orangemitten?

You don't know who OM is? Only one of the greatest creators and unique at that. Especially in Sims 2.

I am in love with this pose. I have to see if I can use this pose with some smexy girlies. This is excellently executed.

Ariz said...

I've been needing a pose like this for my manly men.
Thanks much!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to download your poses when a 3rd comes out. :-)

Miss Lochness said...

Amazing! Thank you :D

Anonymous said...

where can i get that shirt with vest?

Anonymous said...

Okay, if you don't upload this hunkarriffic sim I will be forced to commit a crime of passion and never download from you again for a whole 24 minutes! >_< :D lol :P

Anonymous said...

Alright, how about you just stop being so awesome already!

Something I found I had a lot of trouble with was getting the hands to look right when I was trying my hand at custom poses. So here I am staring in awe at another pose of perfection.

Here's to hoping you do lots (and lots) more and you keep on sharing.


Anonymous said...

I am drolling all over thiss!!!

#MK said...

Thank you for guys! I am very glad you liked this pose! : )

The mask is a WIP (Work-in-Progress);
Roses are by LemonLeaf;
Ground Roses are by Aikea;
Skin is by WaterMelon;

#MK said...

Tomo, hey! Very glad you can now comment on here. ^^
About the question, to put the chair below the Sim you will need to use the "moveobjects on" cheat.

"I'm going to download your poses when a 3rd comes out. :-)"
Ohh, I know this game, hehe!

"where can i get that shirt with vest?"
If I am not mistaken it comes with Base Game, if not, it's from the Store.

elisef and heather, about Piérre, I will think about it. Somehow I don't feel comfortable sharing Sims...
Maybe I should try and see what happens... @_@

RD, Clutter Queen! *-*
About the poses, yeah, the hands are sometimes a bit of a headache to work with.
If you need any help just ask, OM is very caring and helpful too! ^^

reminiscence said...

Beautiful pose! So is your sim.

Antonio said...

Sexy pose dude! e.e
well done mr.geekie =D
soon I'll poke you, teacher haha XD

uXMas said...

Thank you for the links.
I can't wait for when you finish the mask! :)

Re Maron said...

Amazing!! Thanks for sharing. =D

William said...

I love your pose
and where can download the model's eyes ? It is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

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