Hair Mesh #001: "Nancy"

Finally, it's here! XD
Big Big thank you for Cazy for all the help (and patience...) in helping me to convert the hair to The Sims 2!
I never created for it before so I was completely clueless of how-to...
Plus, it's a lot more trouble than TS3! XD
I want to make my meshes for both, so I this is first release.

It's binned into 6 colors and animated (I tried... XD)
Still trying to get hang on how the lighting would work better for pictures... ._.
So, I leave another big thanks for Cazy and Anto for help with the pictures as well. *-*

Well, I hope you like the hair. I made this mesh inspired by Nancy, from the movie Sin City. : )

Filename: aWT_TS2-HM001-f

Credits: General Credits
Inspiration - Nancy (Sin City)

Vertices Faces  Polygons Animated Binned
3.853x 4.972x 9.944x

Binned Colors Pallette


Unknown said...

T-T i tried making hair CCs and i got lost in everything ahaha :( so i gave up (for now!) and just started making my first CC xD man even your sims r gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! And it's for sims2, yay!!! Can't wait to download.

#MK said...

Lexie, rule n. 1 for CC = "Never Giveup." XD

Thank you~ ^-^

Scepter said...

Oh wow, thank you so much for converting this to TS2! It's simply beautiful!

Kotangens said...

Thanks again for sharing it!! *____*
Tell me, please, can I retexture it? And if yes, can I include the mesh in archive or not? :)

#MK said...

Scepter, Kotangens, thanks for the comments! *-*

Kotangens, sure you can retexture it! :>
You can include the mesh as well, any other info it's all in my policy page.

JaneUd said...

It looks so soft and pretty, thank you for this great style! I love Sincity too!

Kotangens said...

Thank you for answer, aWT^^ Now everything is clear with it)

but I have another question now :DD
You put files to upload from savedsims or projects? I downloaded these hairs and definitely put them to my download folder, but I can not find them in my Bodyshop.. because you wrote you binned these hairs, I tried to find them in black and blond sections but without lack. :(
Only me have this problem, yes? ><

#MK said...

Oh, you are not the only one. XD
My friends couldn't find them as well, but they are there somewhere.
They had lots of other hairs, and mine were like near the end of the list.
I really don't know why though. :|

Kotangens said...

That's good. I mean good that I'm not alone with this problem, not that hairs appear in near the end XD
I have lots of hairs too T_T I didn't try to look to the end of list, but now will try and hope I will find them :)

lilisims.com said...

I LOVE it (as always) ~ Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love a lot your sims 2 models and the hair of course. They are very beautifull. Can you put it for download plase???
I really like they.

BrownKnight said...

so cute, I invite you to my blog:sims3amateur.blogspot.com , I'll be glad to see you there! :) thanks..

Kstina said...

Waaaah - this is perfect. Thank you so much for converting and sharing.
Can't wait to see this in my game :)

AnnieBonnie said...

Lovely, hun!!! I'm amazed!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, beautiful, fantastic hair. Thank you millions.

TheSiMangaBoy said...

wow this is such an amazing creation of yours, I just loved hair with bangs lol.. thanx for creating and sharing this! ^^

Jaedub said...

Love the hair,and your models are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Beautifullll... I love your mesh.. Keep creating mesh for free.. I love ittt.. Thank youuuuuu XD

Any way.. Can I request mesh for hijab hair for muslim.. I really want to have hijab mesh but seldom creators want to create hijab for hair mesh.. :(