Snow Stops Falling...

It's been a while since I post anything... University began, so I have little time @.@

So, the snow finally stops in here for now... Had to clean a lot on the blog footer you know... *sigh*
Well, I've changed the layout to a new one, I've been working on it this weekend.
I've closed the blog so that I could check everything before opening again.
I still need to fix some things here and there, but mainly all CSS is built. (Except for stupid XD)

Personally like this one a lot, it's simple... modern... clean...
I will be integrating some jQuery thingies, when I get bored... (Yes Lili! XD)

As you noticed, in my last hair mesh post there's a new Category: Mesh, those will refer to 3D meshes.
Also, Render category, that will have 3D Renders from my boringness...
I also put a new page, to future projects, and one to organize already made ones.
Will be doing them later, as I get more time.
Also changed my blog name for "#aWT"; My love ~#~.

Well, that's it for now.