Peggy #194: Retexture

Peggy released this hair this month and it's so cute! I simply love this ponytail!
First retexture since the layout change. I am really liking it!
After so much time modifying it I am glad in what came out.

Don't forget to vote on the pool if you like it! :D

Hope you like the hair!

Note: The mesh is required to the retexture work.
You can get it here:
- Teen-Elder: here (Booty Link).
- Child/Toddler: here (Booty Link).

Plus, follow my tutorial to make sure that it override the original texture!

Filenames: aWT_RT_B_peggyzone-sims3-hair0194-101008

Credits: General Credits
Mesh - Peggy
Alpha Edit - Anubis

Pictures: (Click for bigger)



TumTum Simiolino said...

Hi :B

I didn't saw your mail.Did you send to the correct mail?


lilisims.com said...

That's fabulous! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so cunfused! So many retextures of the same hairs! So i don't know which is the best retexture!

#MK said...

Thanks for the comments. :}

Tum: I've sent you again. Did you received this time?

Lili: Glad you liked it sweetie!
Btw, I received your email and will reply ASAP! :)

Anonymous: Oh, well, there are only two of this hair.
Anubis did this one too, the difference is the texture and the control which I prefer on bright, you just have to decide.
It's good to have more alternatives on retextures.

Anonymous said...

Well this is much better than Nubies retexture.

Anonymous said...

^ And hey, that's saying a lot. ;)