Blog Update: October 2010

New Layout! Yay!
I added a poll on the side so you can vote on what you think of the new layout.

Well, I would not call it finished but I am happy with it at the moment.
This template was made originally by Kloadian (Original Layout Demo);
And I modified some things, some to make it compatible with my old stuff. Plus, now I added cross-browser compatibility for the main aspects I do on the blog.
I want to add the tabs, but I am having some weird issues by gathering the original data over here.
Will be doing this later.

Before I was basing it more on browsers like Mozilla, but now I added compatibility with KHTML browsers as well.

In IE, unfortunately, not all code I wrote will appear as it's meant.
Why? - Because IE sucks. :D

No, seriously, if you are using IE, please, get Firefox | Opera | Chrome, SERIOUSLY!
Internet Explorer is simply heck limited to web designers, and a pain to work with in therms of browser compatiblity, specially when it's about CSS3.

I also wanted to create some kind of tooltip menu for the pictures.
It's really cool when implemented, will be using it to describe content used on what's being presented mostly.
In future I will be integrating this blog with jQuery, so I would need to rewrite many things. It sucks, but it's for the better!