Think about it.

This week I saw some kids mistreating a little kitten on the street, like he was just a toy.
I could not believe what I was seeing, I was so angry that I wanted to beat them, but them I realized I would be just as bad as they were with the kitten.

He was so injured, and even bleeding, I took him to a vet, and they are taking care of him. He is better now, and in good hands.

I just ask myself: Why!? Why were they thought it was fun hurting an defenseless animal.
Sometimes people have no sense at all, every living creature have feelings just as we do, it may not be as equal, but they have.
I wish I could keep him, but my life right now is such a mess that I would not be able to give him all the attention he deserved.
I shall quote this from Isaac Bashevis, which is just the truth about the way we behave:

As often as Herman had witnessed the slaughter of animals and fish, he always had the same thought: in their behaviour towards creatures, all men were Nazis. The smugness with which man could do with other species as he pleased exemplified the most extreme racist theories, the principle that might is right.
— Isaac Bashevis

Just..... Think about it.


I went to visit the kitten to see how he was doing, the veterinary said that he had a small injury on his right foot, and it will take some time to heal, but he is eating and doing everything he should.

I took this picture of him, itsn't him the CUTEST THING!?

What really surprised me, was that when I went there, he was on a couch, and when he saw me he started meowing and meowing.
Then I sat next to him and he stopped, he even tried to move next me.
That moment my eyes shined by his affection.
I could not believe he reconized me from the day.
Because it was so crazy for him, I can't even imagine.

Jenny was with me, she is one of my friends, and she have 2 cats already.
From the moment, the veterinary said it's better for us to wait for his recover.
They were going to leave him to adoption, but I asked Ashley and when he is recovered she will take care of him!
I will visit him EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!
He is a little angel on my life, he deserves the best, and he will learn plenty of things with us, as well as we are going with him.

I don't know what else to say rather than this experience in my life was one that taught me many things.
It's funny, isn't it? The fact that on the endless probabilities out there, I was chosen for this particular one.

I thought on a name to him, I don't know which. But maybe, just maybe, I will call him Hope, Hopi for short.
He seems to be those little kittens that love to jump around everywhere.
But mostly, I thought on this name, because that he gave me hope.
Because I met him when I was really upset with some things in my life, and in such way that made me realize.
Realize of things, things that now, are completely meanless.
And because of him, hope went in and opened my eyes once again.


Camille said...

I know how you feel.. I've had pets my whole life. However when I was a child I put many clothespin on the ear of my dog. He started to jump like a crazy to take them out of the ears, imagine how he was feeling hurt... I have always been a kind person but i still did that... I can't forget it, since then I never hurt an animal again. I think that kids need to be taught, they have to learn that an animal can suffer too. Maybe you should have spoken to them. I am very happy that you could save the cat. I really love animals, I have 5 dogs and 6 cats but they now live at my mom's house as my life is busy too. Let just hope that these children will learn :)

#MK said...

I did spoke to those kids, I actually yelled, they live near my friend, I then, spoke to their mothers, and they did not believed that their sons were responsable for such thing. I even shown them the kitten in my car so they see the state he was, he was really scared, it was simply.. horrible. "/

I never saw such thing in here, and honestly, this is just so... I can't even find a word to fit this atrocity.
It meant a lot that I was able to save him from those tards. Really did. My love for animals is simply unconditional.

Thank you so much Camille for your words.
I am going to go see him this sunday to see how he is, hopefully he is now recovered from this tragedy. But, unfortunately, this will be something that will always be in his memories, as well in mine.


Oh that is just disgusting and sad. I really don't know what this world is coming to. I am also a animal lover and have a Labrador and three cats and they give so much love. I cannot understand why people feel that it is ok to harm them. Unfortunately there are far too many adults who partake in cruelty to animals and the children see this and then think it is ok.

I am so happy that you could save the kitten and hopefully he/she will go to a good loving home where the emotional wounds can heal.

I really hope that the parents of the kids get them some help.

Robodl95 said...

That is so disgusting, I hope their parents gave them a good whooping and that the kitten is doing okay :) I just can't understand the thought patterns of some people...

#MK said...

Thanks guys... it's unfortunate that are such people out there. Really is.
It just points out that we will never be equal, no matter what.
The world is completely unbalanced and is simply sad what it's coming to.
We really need a change.

Shyne said...

I'm so glad that Hopi is doing better, he is so adorable. I wish I could adopt him, I miss having a cat lol He is very lucky to have you, Mark, to look out for him :) I'm glad that he showed you that even if there are times that you feel helpless and without hope, there is always someone out there suffering more than you.


Say hello to Hope (Hopi) for me. He is just too beautiful. I am so happy that he is doing well and that you were there to rescue him.

It is wonderful that you were also able to learn something through his situation and I trust and pray that you will be so blessed in every area of your life.

Be strong and never give up just like Hopi. <3

#MK said...

Thanks guys for your kind words! =}

Shyne: Thanks Mary, I think it's actually on the contrary, I am very lucky to have him. =D
My life is like this way, seomtimes out of the blue, something happen that makes a drastic change.
Since then I've been thinking clearly in some aspects, and I am simply thankfull for that.

SIMSTATIC: He is cute, isn't him? I wasn't going to post a photo of him because I thought he was with more injuries, but when I saw him I just can't stand and had to take some pics of him. xD

I made a portrait of him, it's on my bedroom. I have this thing, when some things happen in my life I try to keep something for me to record of it, being a photo, a small object, or something else. It reminds me of what I've been through in a good way, of course.

I went yesterday and he is getting better, his leg is still hurting a bit so he can't walk yet.
But I can't wait until we be able to take care of him. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! This is a very touching story. What happened to that poor kitten is just awful. But, fortunately, you were there and made a big difference. No wonder Hope recognized you in some way. And he will always do. You are his hero now. The "one" human being who changed everything...

Thank God there are people like you in this world Mark. :O)

reminiscence said...

He's sooooooo cute~
You two were meant to meet each other. Lucky him and lucky you.:)

Anonymous said...

That's such a horrible story. I can't believe kids can be so cruel. I hope they are disciplined accordingly.

The kitten looks almost EXACTLY like my cat, Calypso! She even has the same two tone nose!

I'm glad that this little guy found a good home :)

Camille said...

Ah I'm so happy that he's fine! He's really very cute!
sometimes when you won't have hope anymore, you'll know to who you can turn to now. I'm also sure you'll give him the best :)

But this story just made me miss even more my pets :(

#MK said...

Hey guys, just to keep updated, thank you all for your words.

The vet phoned me this last week to say that they were going to transfer him to other clinic, he wasn't feeling very well, a small injury, the vet said that maybe he drank some bad water around and got this at his lung.

He moved a bit far from here, but I am still going there of course.
My car died laast week, but I might steal my father's. xD
And he is also better from his feet injury, not fully recovered, but better. So, Yay! :)

Ninoo said...
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#MK said...

Hi Ninoochat! Very glad you ask of him, I thought people dont get to see this topic.

He is doing quite well, he is living now with my cousin, as my friend couldn't take care of him.
He have a small heart condition that stops him from breathing, and needs a lot of attention and care.
I help while I can, due to my life quite a mess, but he is living very happy after all.

He can't sleep in his bed, I don't know why, I think he have nightmares I think, I don't know, but he sleeps in bed instead, and his feet got lot better, thank god! : )

Thank you for your message, really don't understand some things though, regarding this kind of people who do that.

And not even only with animals but themselves, I guess they are all bullies of their own.
Such a sad thing to have in the world, here's just hope left for a proper future where it is really worth to live on together and united.

Ninoo said...
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#MK said...

Yeah, so you meet another one, I have around 10GB of CC right now... lol