Peggy #55: Retexture

Hey everyone! :D
I was browsing the Cave and found this lovely ponytail by Peggy.
But unfortunately there was the unavoidable dark roots again. So I did just a quickie retext on it.
I don't know if this was retextured before since it's a really old hair, but anyway.
The more, the better!

Hope you like it! >_<

Note: The mesh is required to the retexture work.
You can get it here (Booty Link).

Plus, follow my tutorial to make sure that it override the original texture!

Filenames: aWT_RT_B_peggyzone-sims3-hair0022-090912

Credits: General Credits
Mesh - Peggy



Anonymous said...

Waouuh very good job
I love the tops in the picture 1& 3
How are you download this clothes ?
Thanks a lot

#MK said...

Hiya! The clothes are from the Store.

iTh0ny said...

ok thanks a lot and i love your job <3 ^^

Anonymous said...

Could I possibly have your hair models, or links to them? They're very well done.

#MK said...

Yawn thanks guys! ^^
iTh0ny more like a hobby, otherwise my bank account would rise a bit. Ha-ha!

Anon, really glad you liked them! :D
I will be uploading my models in future for y'all. =)