s3ce (Sims3Pack CommandLine Extractor) v1.1.0.74

Project: ts3tools Description: Extract Sims3Pack-oriented files through cmd (CommandLine) or via WinShell.
Objective: Make the extracting process of those files easier and user-friendly.
- Set a custom Extraction Directory;
- Integrate the program to Pescado's s3rc;
   - Attempt to fix or/and decrapify the generated package;
- Add a handler when you right-click with any Sims3Pack to extract them;

Preview GUI (Graphical User Interface)

This application is licensed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.
By using or modifying this application, you are and must agree with its terms.

General Credits
Delphy - Sims3Pack Class

.NET Framework v2.0.50727 | Or grab the latest 4.0.30319
Windows XP | Vista | 7
High-Privilege Account (Administrator Rights)

Extract the executable with WinRar or 7Zip
Run the executable to change the default settings.
Simply drag & drop Sims3Packs into the program file.
Or, if you added a handler to the Sims3Pack extension, right-click the Sims3Packs and click "Extract with S3CE".

CommandLine Usage
s3ce "file1.Sims3Pack" "file2.Sims3Pack" ... "fileN.Sims3Pack"
s3ce * folder1\* folder2\* ... folderN\*
Quotes in the filename are only necessary if it contains space characters.

Allowed Wildcards

Wildcard Type Description
* Filename Matches zero or more characters. [a-Z 0-9]
? Filename Matches exactly one single character. [a-Z 0-9]
.\ Directory Corresponds to current directory.
..\ Directory Corresponds to parent directory.

Change Log


Anonymous said...

Hi I downloaded this but I cannot open the program. When I click on the icon it says it has encountered a problem and needs to close. I then tried to just drag and drop a Sims3Pack onto the icon but I got the same result.

Do you have any idea why this is happening?

#MK said...

Your operational system probably limited the application to try to read/write keys into the registry, causing an overflow, then it crashes.
I did not made this application UAC-compatible, so if you have it watching your actions, that may be the cause of the crash.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am using Windows XP and have administrator rights (this is a home computer)and as far as I know UAC applies to Vista or Windows 7 so that should not apply to me. Is this the only reason that would cause it to crash?

If I am wrong how do I go about disabling UAC as I would really like to use this program.


Anonymous said...

It's funny, on my computer (7) and my laptop (XP) the program runs fine, but on my brother's pc (XP) it does not.

Anonymous said...

How do you expect us to try and help you test this program when you don't try and help us get it up and running? As you can see someone else has presented the same problem on an XP machine so it is definitely nothing to do with UAC compatibility.

Please help!

#MK said...

Sorry for not being able to reply sooner.
I have been very busy, and had little time to work on my applications.

I will make another build to add some exceptions. So that we may know if the crash is really generated by an overflow or by lack of rights.

Also, make sure you have .NET Framework, I built this one with 2.0, but I recommend you to install the latest as always to keep yourself updated, which is 4.0;

#MK said...

Okay, I've made another revision and did some small changes.
Can you try to run now and see if it at least appear an exception error before it crashes?

Anonymous said...

Hi, there thanks I have downloaded new version opened it and extracted a Sims3Pack and everything has worked well without crashing.

I also wanted to let you know that I have Framework 4.0 so this is probably not the problem with the previous version either. Just letting you know in case anyone else has problems. I have .NET Framework versions 2.0, (Service Pack 2)3.0(Service Pack 2), 3.5 (Service Pack 1)and 4.0. Just want to give you as much info as possible.

Is there anything specific that you want us to test now?

#MK said...

Glad to know it worked fine.

This time it did not showed up any error?
Since, you had problems with the later version,
I doubt that some code I dumped from the application were the cause of the crash.

Anyway, what you can see now is if it saves the settings, try changing the settings, close the program, and open again.
Also, see if the handler for .Sims3Pack is added succesfully.

Thanks for helping! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I changed the settings and also added custom folder for extraction. Closed program and reopened and everything was as I set it (changes were there).

Added handler for Sims3Pack and that works although what I found is that the first time I wanted to extract a batch of files that when I went over a certain amount of Sims3Packs to be extracted I had 22 Sims3Packs) it gave me an error and would not extract. I then selected 10 files and it extracted them all. However today I decided to try and batch extract again and this time I selected 26 Sims3Packs and they were all extracted and each one has a small "done - 1 file(s) extracted" window (in other words 26 small windows) which I just deleted as a group on the taskbar.

It's a pleasure to help as the creators, programmers and modders do such a lot for the Sims community and I feel this is one way we can repay the generosity and kindness.

Anonymous said...

Just a bit of extra information pertaining to the folder that I added for extraction. I deleted the folder before extracting the 26 files and the program generated a new folder with the name I had given which I thought was a great feature.

Thanks, I know this is going to be a great program.

#MK said...

Thanks for the compliments and for the help!

About the thousands of windows that showup, you can deactivate that feature by unchecking "Always Show Information";

Unfortunately I can't do anything about it showing multiple messages.
Mainly because since you are running from a batch, multiple instances of the application are being loading up at about the same time.

A way to past this "problem" would be to instead of running the appllication in a batch loop, sum a string of arguments to be passed onto an only instance.

#MK said...

What I can do though is to see if more than one instance is running, and if so, don't show up the number of extracted files message.

I will implement an integrated wildcard in the next build, so that you can run without the need to run through a batch.

I was going to make it to read directory wildcards, but I think it's better not to, due to a conflict in therms of usability between users.

I will try to make this weekend, so keep yourself updated. :)

Anonymous said...

Will keep myself updated lol. I really don't mind the thousands of windows (multiple messages) as I just right click on the task bar and select "close as group". It would have been a problem if I never had the option of closing as a group though.

Have a good weekend.

#MK said...

7 is a bless, isn't? :P

I updated the post with the last build, as it includes an integrated-wildcard.
So no need more to use batches, just run with the command line you desire to achive.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the new version and everything seems to be working well. However I don't understand what this means "So no need more to use batches, just run with the command line you desire to achieve." from your post above. Is this something we have to do or can I just continue the way I have been doing it (selecting a few Sims3Packs, right click and extract with s3ce?

Sorry if I sound stupid.

#MK said...

Sorry if I sounded misleading.

Yes, you can keep doing the same way you used to to.
What I meant is that if you want to extract every Sims3Pack ina folder, you can just use the wildcard commandline, and it will automatically identify the files to be extracted.

#MK said...

For example, to extract all the Sims3Packs from the current folder where s3ce is at you can run:
s3ce *

And it will do the job.
Or, if you want to extract all files, but only those who have the characters "_EXTRACT_" at the beginning of the filename you can run:
s3ce _EXTRACT_*

J.T. said...

This tool is handy indeed!
When I have tons of Sims3Packs to extract I select them all, right click and extract. voilá!
Thanks for making it that way.
Saves us plenty of time.

#MK said...

Thanks J.T.;
New version is up, just fixed some issues that some people were experiencing with s3rc integration.

Don't know if I will update it again, I may do to add multi-threading processing, but I don't think it's much necessary, or is it?

Anonymous said...

Hey there, have a problem with the program. I have been using this since you developed it and it worked great, however recently I noticed that every time I would extract something it wouldn't show in the game. Just to double check (as I thought something had maybe changed with the new patch) I took the same Sims3Packs and extracted them with Delphys Multi Installer and they all showed in game. I then took the same files again, extracted them with s3ce and again they don't show in game.

Do you have3 any idea what is wrong and why this is happening as I prefer your program to Delphys.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Please ignore the above comment as I figured it out and program is working fine again.


#MK said...

Update: v1.1.0.74 Available

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