aWT & Lili: Towel Turban ~ All Ages

I've been working this with Lili, it's a hair towel turban from The Sims 2.
It's available to all ages and comes with one stencil that control the towel, so you can play around with patterns.
I worked in the conversion and Lili in her amazing textures. I hope you like our work! XD

Filenames: aWT&Lili_amHairTowelTurban

Credits: General Credits
Mesh - Maxis
Texture - Lili

Polycount: 930x


BlackSweety said...

I LOVE IT! Thanks) You two should cooperate more often, the result's great)

aWT said...

Thanks Kris, I-We are glad you liked it! XD
I hope we do continue working together, I love working with Lili. XD
Thanks for your comment! ;}

daluved1 said...

I was just saying how I wanted to make a Marie Laveau sim but I knew she wouldn't look right without her hair in a wrap. And nowwwww, my wishes have come true! Thanks so much y'all!

lilisims.com said...

Well done! (lol)

lilisims.com said...

Oh! (blushed)Thanks for the nice words, Mark!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this. It looks great.

LaFuture said...

Aww. It's funny.n___n

Alisha said...

Noooooo "File Deleted"
Please reupload :(

John Myers said...

Where can I find it...........the link is broken. :(