It's Dying!

Download-a-holic much!?


jHahley said...

That's because you have such big space, imagine, myself, have a 40Gb hard drive.
Cant download anything without having warning on my screen of limited space.
By the way, do they sell 1.36Tb hard drives? Only knew 1.5Tb hard drives.

aWT said...

40GB!? You must suffer a lot then. XD
About the space, companies advertise HD sizes in decimal (base 10)
But computers work in binary (base 2)

They Advertise: 1.5TB = 1500GB;
Really Means: 1.36TB = 1360GB;

aWT said...

Btw, don't confuse Tb (Terabit) with TB (Terabyte).
People tend to confuse between them, thinking they are the same thing, when they are not.

~αитσ★ said...

"Download-a-holic much!?"
answer is YES XD