Time pass by so fast...
We are in 2012 already, new year, new adventures ahead of us!

For the last months, me, and the creators Watermelon and LemonLeaf had an idea to make our own website.
From this idea, S-Club is born, our new home~

On our free time we worked on the design and website code development.
So we are quite happy to finally open it for public!

There will be my main site where I publish my creations now.
And I am very happy for that now, I don't create "alone" like I used to here.
We have been through some shaded moments for now, but we are crawling back, we always loved to create things for this game.

I know my last message was a bit misguided as to whether I would be sharing my CC again or not.
Whatever goes ahead of us, it is for the future to decide.
Learnt many lessons that we will carry along.

So far we have a new Hair Mesh available for The Sims 3, but we will be updating the site with our old custom content, as well our newest ones, of course.
Along this week will have some mods I hope you all like too, but will be surprise. :)
Many have been asking for the eyelashes already, but it is still a Work-in-Progress.
To manipulate the mesh with the eyes I need to create some sliders for the eyelash accessory to fit fine.
It's the old conflict of Low-Poly vs. High-Poly, results on that.

I've added Google's FriendConnect, so all of you can follow there.
Hopefully we get around using a Social connecting platform to inform of updates as well.

So, guys, I will still reply everyone in here until I get around to put the CC there.
After that, I will be redirecting the URL.

I hope see you guys there too!
Oh, before I forget, haha, the address is:

S-Club @ sclub.mktm.co.uk

As a final note, I would like to thank my friend OrangeMittens, who will be hosting our website.
Without her kindness you would not see our new site so soon.
Thank you, ORANGE! :)


chobits said...

Wow! Really excited about this collaboration! Love all of your guys creations,can't wait to see what you guys come up with!!!

candesco said...

the creators of the famous make-up together with the creator of some famous sliders. Now that's great news to start the year with.
I hope that you guys and gals don't have alot of problems with the vultures (especially those from croatian breed) around and that we not get the same scenario again.
Good luck with the new site.

Alexa said...

Great news! I will follow where ever you go. lol! Love your work and I know that you guys will do great things! love the new site!

DaijahV said...

I love the look of the new place! It's beautiful! Great job and of course I'm following you there too :D

Anonymous said...

The new site isn't loading on any browser.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys updating the site? A lot of people can't get on it. Regardless, I am so happy that some of my favorite CC creators are coming together~ Best of luck.

#MK said...

Thank you all! :)

I have to write about the recent problems, it will be up soon.

Anonymous said...

...Your new site died D:

It went on maintenance and says come back on March 11, 2012... well past that now T__T

#MK said...

Not dead~ haha

I was just a lot of busy, and only time I had to work on the site code was at weekends.
It is back online now! :)

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