So... As for now you all see that I closed the blog..
It was meant to stay closed for sometimes while I solve my thoughts....
I have some things to say...

Someone from another community, got one of my works, and ported it to a different format, with no credits of the person who spent days making it.
Well, I got tired of discussing this with my friends already. This "problem" is solved now anyways.

At the time I closed the blog due to mix of feelings from moments of life then that..
So I thought better to close it and take some time to think where I go next or what I do...
I started receiving mails of people asking me what happened and supporting me and that brought me hope in the community.
I felt glad for that, I never meant to give any trouble here, and I appreciate that you guys enjoy the things I share here.

I've never been attacked by trolls or anything like that.
But to see support of the people who follow me and appreciate my work is fulfilling and gives back the willing I had before when I started modding this game.
I speak to the way people behave over creator works, you are all entitled of your own opinion but to say shit of someone, or try to create a fight, or attack someone, seriously, it's like being surrounded by a bunch of 10 year old children.
Free or pay, it doesn't matter, being a jerk to others just keep people off our community.
A community is meant to be helpful and supportive of others.

Some creators I know don't share their creations because of that.
I wrote this a time ago, but was on the dashboard.
Regarding PralineSims of TSR, using Lemonleaf work on textures, not crediting, not even mentioning anything.
Even worse, she was getting money from that.
And even worse, she tried to accuse Lemonleaf to steal from her.

This has been discussed inumerous times I know that already, but I just wanted to have my saying on this.
Because LL and WM are such talented creators, it is expected that others see their creation to be inspiring, to learn from them.
But to steal from them, it is certainly not something one would expect of "catholics that don't lie" and even swear that in the name of god.
I have taken a look at the time on the textures, it's way too obvious who stole from who.
I support their work because I know how hard they work on their CC and how long it takes to create something like they do.
Your act over all this just made me really disappointed on you, not as a "Sims Custom Content creator", but as the person you might be.
Shows no respect for others, the way you treated this is unbearable, shameful.

Of all this.. this have to change, how can we be a community with people attacking, or stealing from other creators?

Despite all that, there is great people behind nicknames.
And I've been shown that by now.
People that brings joy and will to be around.
After all we are all humans behind computers.

I always liked to create for this game, it is fun, entertaining, always anxious to see results.
So I don't want to leave or stop creating, even if for myself.
My purpose on sharing is that, sharing, see other peoples thoughts, critics, opinions...
Somethings I make to test the game boundaries, or just design something I would like to see on Sims.

Well there is much more I wanted to say...
But, due to I love to write, I see how big this post could get to...
Just how it is getting now...

I just want to let you know, thank you so much all for your visits here, for dropping by leaving comments, sending mails and to show support and appreciation.
It's lovely to see that, and then to come here.
Heck, it means a lot for me at this point, because it is to be part of something.

Writing this because really need to vent, and to express myself now.
Something many creators should as well.
I understand the circumstances of sometimes, not to, but don't let that be a wall from showing others who you are and what you feel.

Other side of things life is treating me well with university exams and the doubts of what path of life to live upon as always.
But I'm soon to be starting some new designs for a new place!
I will still update my mods, as I need to update them for myself too.
So, don't worry, you can relay on me for that.

Well guys...
Whoever you are, just remember to be the best person you can be to others.
Because by helping the next, you are helping yourself.