Bulbous Head Slider

Need a distraction..

get your sim to dance and have a good laugh~


GigaRevival said...

Ha! I can see so much hilarity ensuing from this.

Thanks for sharing and I'm glad I can see your awesome blog again. ;)

J陳 said...

I agree, sims dancing like that, I have to try too! hihi!

Is that the hair you were working on?
Judging from your wip pictures, it looks like it.
Very soft and pretty!
I hope you will be kind enough to share with us, and a version for sims2 too maybe? :)

J陳 said...

I read your first entry and sorry to hear of what happened to you, but it is great to see you are back creating again!
Don't let bad people get to you, they don't deserve you hard work, even less, you to worry about them. :)

#MK said...

Thank you! Glad to be back here~ :)
Yes those heads are just so ridiculous it's impossible not to laugh with the faces sim makes, haha!

J陳, yes its HM005, don't worry I will soon! :)