Tomb Raider "Turning Point"

One of the best CGi I've ever seen...

I miss CORE though...
Any TR fans out there?


feriunn said...

Lara looks so different, very young on this game, the video is really beautifuls, graphics are really is getting each time better I think too! Is one of my favourite games - fê

feriunn said...

I forgot to say I really likes the new blog design too, is it yours or you got it on those design sites? I visit it back :) -fê

Erhama said...

I LOVE the trailer, looking SO forward to it.

João said...

Always been a fan of TR! I loved every second of the trailer *.* Ii looks very promising, I hope Crystal doesn't disappoint this time

#MK said...

I can't wait for it either! Fall 2012.......
Though we will have to wait...

I like the history and the roll we might be playing.
Though I miss they didn't used any of Lara tracks on the trailer, it's like.. her uniqueness in that song..

#MK said...

feriunn, merci!
This is one of my fist layouts, just improved with CSS and jQuery magic. ッ

Erhama, is that Roxas ロクサス in your pic!? *-*

Jfme, another fan! yay! :D
I think it's SquareEnix who is doing TR games now, isn't it?
Well, from Square past, sure it will come out awesome!
My eternal favorite is TR2. :)

João said...

^Square Enix are only publishing the game, Crystal is still developing it, but the guys who are going to do the cgi cutscenes are the ones who did the Final Fantasy custcenes, including Advent Children, yay!
My favorite is TR4 btw :P

Flajko said...

Beautiful trailer! Finally some TR fans who are playing Sims also! I hope my new Lara sim will be enough to keep us all occupied until the original game is released! :)
I haven't posted her yet but I promise it'll be soon! :D
I really don't want you to think I'm advertising my sim cause I'm not but here's just a preview:

TumTum Simiolino said...

Lara Croft is my girlfriend


Hahaha XD

#MK said...

Jfme, love TR4 too, specially the soundtrack.
The game is like sooo long, I hated the end at the time I played..
I thought Lara would never be back again...
I was 11 at that time.. makes sense now, right!?

Flajko, she is looking great!
Would you be basing her now from the CGi trailer?
That hair don't do Lara much justice, I am thinking on creating another more based on this trailer, more references too!

Tum, eu vi ela primeiro! nem vêm!!!! XDD

Flajko said...

Phew...you confused me with your new name #MK :)
I will be basing her now from this trailer but changes won't be huge!
I think she's already very good!
I'm not uploading her yet because I so desperately want to make her original clothes and accessories but I suck at meshing and I can't find enough time and patience to play with that!
I'm sooo looking forward to seeing this new hair! :D
I can borrow you my sim as a model if you need it! xD

#MK said...

Oh, that is awesome you want to make all the stuff, like a set!
What accessories are you looking to do?
I can try to make the necklace and armband, and maybe mesh the gloves too, like wrestler ones.

I just saw the gameplay video, I CAN'T WAIT!!
Well, I will have to.. 2012... oh dear..

Flajko said...

Hehehe, well when I make a good looking sim I want to bring it to another level by making a set of things which only that sim possesses!
I haven't planned any meshing, just wanted to make(retexture)her t-shirt and pants with/without blood and stain!I made her pistols but haven't compared to the ones she'll use in new game! I found some bow on her back which someone already made but it wouldn't be hard to make a better one!The necklace you suggested would fit perfectly cause it improves her look so much!I already made some poses that old Lara did but recently I haven't been playing Sims 3! I have to study for my exams and I spend a lot of time on my PC so I uninstalled the game but saved all of my thing to get back to them later when I have time!
I would appreciate your help and I would accept it but when I return to the game, which isn't going to be in a week or so! If you agree, I can contact you when I get back to the project to see whether you're still willing to participate and help!I hope you still are interested on updating the hair to improve Lara's look! Again, if you need her sim to see how the hair fits on her or something I can send her to you, cause I trust you! :)

#MK said...

Flajko, yes, yes! I am really interested in making Lara things, whenever you go back to the project, email me and we shall discuss more closely!

Flajko said...

I wrote this in the original Lara thread but I wanted to inform you too since I don't know whether you visit that thread!
Sorry for Caps Lock on but I'm so frustrated!
I'm writing this from my neighbor's laptop!
I don't know when or whether I'll be able to continue this but for now thread will be open!

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