The Sims Medieval: Face Resources

I uploaded these for WaterMelon.
Thought I should post in here.

  • Adult Face Male GEOM
  • Adult Face Female GEOM
  • Face Textures Samples (Diffuse, Specular, Overlay, Normals)
  • Resource _KEYs (_Info.txt)
  • Rendered Faces UVWs


Antonio said...

dio mio! at the end you managed to export everything? good e.e
Thank you for spending your time with that, you're incredibly (geek) awesome XD
do you know if there's any chance to replace Sims3 faces with those ones? it would be good.
btw: spend less time with simmies and study moaaaaar

Anonymous said...

need the SM Slider *.*

#MK said...

~αитσ★, jiji!
Unfortunately porting the faces is not "easy job", because Medieval faces have more polygons.
That's only because GEOM sliders are based on vertex IDs, and that would cause the game not able to identify the IDs properly with any of our current sliders. Messing up all the morphs.
And study all on the way!

Anonymous, SM Slider?

Gina Smoots said...

need the SM Slider *.*