NewSea #J029: Retexture

This hair was really frustating to fix the CASPs, but I managed to do it! YAY!
It must've been an old version of Workshop NewSea used.
It will not replace the original but will recreate the same hair from it using this retexture.
That way you have both mine and original!

By the way, the FIX file is to fix the original hair thumbnails in game, NewSea forgot to set the group to null.
It's necessary to match the CASP resource key in order for Custom Thumbnail to work.
So, that package fix it.

Note: The mesh is required to the retexture work. You can get it here (Booty Link  )

Filenames: aWT_RT_B_NewSea-SIMS3-hair-J029-SakuraDrops

Credits: General Credits
Mesh - NewSea

Polycount: 11,136x



Lili (a.k.a. sosliliom) said...

Hey-hey! :) I like this texture ~ this is really nice = great work! :D

Anonymous said...

Your textures are gorgeous but I can't make them work :'(
Also, your slider hack doesn't work anymore for me since I installed LN . I also redownloaded the uptaded one :/
Anyway, your works are great and thanks for following my blog ^^

#MK said...

Thank you very much Lili and Lollipopzi! :D

Lollipopzi, about the slider hack, I updated it again..
If you have any problem leave a message there, I will update the topic later with some other information.

#MK said...

Oh and the retexture, the new system doesn't need to put the hairs on that folder.
Since I just recreate the original from it. It doesn't show?
It should be using a different thumbnail in CAS.

Anonymous said...

This retexture is lovely, but I kind of hate how both this texture and the original texture show up in my game. Your old retextures never did this for me: only those would show up and I prefer it that way.

Great work nonetheless. :)

#MK said...

I am using this method mainly because otherwise I need to share one set of textures for each age the hair applies.
In this one I don't have to.

Well... not sure if I share older method as well or maybe.. both?

Anonymous said...

You should do whichever you think is best.

I really do love your retextures and either way, I'll download. Offering both methods would be cool, but you shouldn't if you feel it is unnecessary. I'm pretty sure I can live with both textures showing - it was just kind of a jolt for me when I first downloaded.

Thanks for your time.