Blog Update: Layout Poll Results

Would like to thank everyone who took their time in voting in the layout poll.
This was a great change of layout, the old one was from Blogger and I didn't modified it at all.
So, I'm glad to come up with this one. I've tried my best to keep my goals in browser cross-compatibility rules.
Unfortunately, don't seem to have some filters required to do so.
Like the "zoom" effect when hovering pictures, or a smooth gradient over CSS styled buttons.
Or even the amazing border radius we have in ALL browsers, EXCEPT on ... yes ... .
I think my hate for Internet Explorer is just as obvious as of any person who make Web Design.

Meanwhile, I've updated my banner in case you want to link me.
Also working on some tools for modders and casual users, but I want to stay secretive about them.
Since they are still in develop stage.

Poll Results

What you think of the new layout?
 49 (44%)
 32 (29%)
 18 (16%)
Change it back!
 10 (9%)

Total Votes: 109


Anonymous said...

LOL. I'm so loving that little smilie that's lovin up on the firefox logo. Too cute. I'm firefox all the way. I'm shocked people still use IE... but you know too each his own.

#MK said...

Ha-ha! I had that icon ages in my MSN.
Always loved it, because it expresses myself just right.

I used to use IE a long time ago, at that time it's limitations didn't bothered me.
But once a friend recommended Firefox, and I came to adapt myself to it, that love just grow bigger and bigger with so little time. XD

lilisims.com said...

Ó, I didn't vote :S
BUT! Your site is AWESOME! ;)