Banner Updated Again

I had to update the banner again. Why!?
- There was an ugly white outline I was not familiar with.

Sorry for inconvenience, but this needed to be fixed.

Doing some research I found this:
"GIFs will always add a white choppy border to any sort of rounded edge.
The reason why it adds the white border is because the image is anti-aliased, meaning it has a slight blur to the edge to make it smoother, where a non-anti-aliased image has a choppy edge.
So the GIF tries to fill the gaps using white pixels giving you a white border."

I tried some things here and there, making the border line more blurred to blend in, instead of out. Didn't worked.
So as a last resource I tried to changed the Matte to pure black, Matte is the color that is added between non-aliased parts of any rounded border.

So, I leave here this tip, in case you someday want to make an gif with round borders and use transparency as a background, be sure to set the Matte to the color that matches the best the inline of the border.


Anonymous said...

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