Hair Mesh #004 Render

Vertices Faces Polygons
11.308x 25.405x 14.332x


Antonio said...

You know I love that mesh XD just one thing: people, get ready your computers for this hair because it will be hell high poly hahahaha

It's looking damn good, now move your lazy ass and finish it e.e

#MK said...

Hahaha, you silly! ッ
This one is going to be a pain to fix alpha, 122 planes...
Work, work. Work!

Merci, jiji.!

chobits said...

Looks amazing can't wait!!! XD

Anonymous said...

Wow. This looks so amazing. I cannot wait much longer for this hair! ♥

Anonymous said...


Good luck with the alphas, seriously. Those things are the bane of my existence. Well... alphas and bone assignments on longer hairs. Ok. Hair in general. XD

Anonymous said...

it almost looks like real hair. O.o

Kotangens said...

Ohhhh, I'm totally in love with this mesh *_*
You did a great work on it, so many.. details :D idk how to call them)))

Can't wait to see what will be in result ^ ^

p.s. I sent you email, check it please =)

Jeremy said...

ooh, I already love it!
Can't what to see it finished and use it in my game :3

Mura said...

Wow! I'm already expecting yet another quality hair! Good luck with fixing everything! I can't wait for it! (Actually I can but it's just a figure of speech).

I also hope you'll enable it for both male and females~!

KATSU。 said...

This is truly awesome! Keep up the amazing work!

#MK said...

Thank you all very much! ッ
This hair is becoming a nightmare to fix, unfortunately. There are too many planes..

I am soon going to die with it.....

Jade Martini said...

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