GEOM Slider Set: "Nose Septum"

  I made these as a request by AmberIndia, sliders that will modify the septum/columella of the nose geometry.
I was going to make it curve with the philtrum, but I rather leave it for that region set sliders release.

Well, that's it, hope you make good use of it! ッ  

Filename: aWT_HACK_GEOMSLIDER_NoseSeptumWidth

Credits: General Credits
Wes Howe GEOM Plugins
CMarNYC MorphMaker
Location: { Nose > Nose Tip }


B.o.S Sims said...

wow ^^ it becomes more detail now.
Btw are you still working on neck width slider?
Thanks aWT

#MK said...

Thank you, the neck slider is no longer my doings.
That is due to how the game handle Clothing and Vertex IDs, it might vary with custom meshes.
I might still investigate more about it, however, I can't promise anything.

B.o.S Sims said...

@aWT: that's fine ^^, But i hope that your investigation on that will success :D

Anonymous said...

I second that wow! This is just so amazing. I don't know how you keep thinking of these things but I'm so glad you do and you continue to share.

Thanks so much!

Sackgirl said...

ooh i am going to have give all my best looking sims a nose job now. Thank you. Thank you. Your work and efforst always appreciated.

Sackgirl said...

i meant effort. When i get excited i always spell words wrong.

Lana Turner said...

Good Job! thanks!

Lotus said...

Love it! <3

TumTum Simiolino said...

Super *-*

Anonymous said...

OMG! Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for! I was so frustrated with the noses never turning out like I wanted them to. You're my hero!

Anonymous said...

It's good to have very exact mods! Thank you much. ♥

Anach said...

I'll definitely be using this one!

Flajko said...

I can't describe to you how I feel right now! It's like you've read my mind and made this slider! :D
I love it and I love how you make all the useful stuff this game and creators need! This way of your thinking just proves how devoted creator you are because you notice every detail this game lack! :) Excellent work! :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you! This is just what I was hoping for someone to make!! And it was you! Now I just have to learn how to make decent noses! :)

Mura said...

It's often those little details that change everything on a face. Thank you!

FREEDOM_55 said...


Asia said...

OMG if you had ANY idea how much this always bothered me! You are a miracle worker!

YES! said...

Thank you!!! I hate the lack of nose sliders in CAS...This will definitely help!

Yuuki said...

Amazing! Thanks a lot.

Migolia said...

Nice! With all of the sliders available, customizing a sim is better than ever! Thanks aWT

Sage said...

It's amazing!!! Thank you very much aWT ♥ ♥ ♥

reminiscence said...

it's brilliant, thx aWT XD

Jada said...

aWT you are awesome and so are these sliders. Amazing idea. Thank you 1 billion times over.

Anonymous said...

Perfect! I vote for creation of the month! :)

feriunn said...

WOW! Changes a lot the faces aspects. Thanks! -fê

#MK said...

Hoah! Thank you so much everyone! I am glad you like it! ッ

I am also working on some different sliders, those, however requires more then just making the sliders and need more digging and research, I hope I am able to finish them properly!

Anonymous said...

Mark, thank you so much for taking my small request. You're truly awesome and incredibly talented. I wish I could eat your brain.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this slider. I make a lot of celeb sims and this will make them so much easier to get right. Audrey

#MK said...

YW! Amber, noo, no thank me, thank you for your request. ッ

PS: Please, don't eat my brain, I need it for my studies.......

metalmoose said...

This is amazing!

Your sliders have truly changed my game and made it much better!

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

The download link isn't working anymore. ;)

Jaedub said...

im also having trouble with the download.

Jaedub said...

Im sorry,its working now XD!Thanks for this:))))

jaks.sims said...

Thanks for these sliders, we really need them!

Again, thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Wow such an useful post by you. We can see the different different part of a nose with a description of it. Nose is such a impotent part of the body. We need to do the so much care on it our breath is so much require for leave a life and it's the way to take that.

nose job

Anonymous said...

The Download is not working...It's only sending me to mediafire's main page.

MNStar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MNStar said...

I know. Me too :(

Anonymous said...

These don't seem to be compatible with the 1.34 patch. I get the "It looks like you have installed an unofficial game modification..." message. I narrowed it down to these 2 sliders (I only get this message when these are in my mods. Help please!

Unknown said...

Could you please reupload the slider? Thank you!

Anti Money Laundering said...

This slider is good. Thanks for sharing this with us!!! More power.

IterationTheory said...

MediaFire says the download was removed, but I could really use this in my game... Could you reupload please? :) Your sliders are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Download removed. Could you please re upload?

annna said...

This file can not DL

Little Miss Winchester said...

Nose Septum Width:

Nose Septum Height:

Anonymous said...

Little Miss Mommy, cannot thank you enough!

Jelly-Nick said...

Is there any way we can redownload this? The link is not working it said it was removed. I have to get this back. It is a must have with sim making. Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

:( the download isn't working, can it be re uploaded please?

Anonymous said...

Please reupload this :(

Ari said...

Found a link from rapidlibrary? http://www.mediafire.com/?opy3h0006eb66jg

Anonymous said...

@Ari You're a lifesaver! Thanks :3

Anonymous said...

@Ari You're a lifesaver! Thanks :3

Anonymous said...

The link is no good anymore!

Unknown said...

Pleeeaaase fix the link, i NEED this! Iv'e been searching for this for so long!

Unknown said...

download link not working - please repost!

Anonymous said...

Ari's link is working.

xSerenityMoonlight said...

The link does't work for me. :( It says invalid file.

Anonymous said...

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