Blog Anniversary Gift Hair Mesh #004: "Rain"

  Hey everyone! It's been a year since I started modding and sharing things for The Sims game!
I am actually surprised I stood modding and creating for a game this long.
I've learnt a lot in the process, as well met some great and awesome people in the community.
I just wanted to say thank you all for your visits and your interest in my works.
It is always a pleasure to do something and to "hear" out what world out there thinks.
With such different conceptions, beliefs, tastes, everything.

Now, here is small gift for you all I've been working on this hair for a while, and now it is finally done (I think)!
I want to start sharing progress on things on my tumblr as well, maybe just tweet some #rant too, or maybe even here! ッ

Well, this one took a while, it was going to be simple at first, but I wanted it to be layered.
But I don't have much experience with layering, not regarding the conception of what would become.
However this is how it turned out.. I hope I did not screwed anything up this time. [like-web-nest ◔̯◔
Well, nothing more to say, I hope you enjoy the hair and have fun with it! ッ

Oh, TS2 just needs tweaks, as Anto did everything, stubborn!
I would like to release HM003 first, however, and add some animation on the bangs if possible.
So, watch up the corners *cough*! ッ  

Filename: aWT_TS3-HM004-m

Credits: General Credits
Based - My hairstyle.. XD

Mesh: #004 - Render + 3D Mesh Statistics


#MK said...

Always have breath pause of minutes before submitting, heavy cold? ٩◔̯◔۶

B.o.S Sims said...

Love it & Love it ^_^
Thanks aWT :D

Sackgirl said...

ooh, thank you so much. This is well appreciated. I was eyeing up your sim and his hair. Thank you.

feriunn said...

Beautiful! Was waiting too really loves picture styles! Many many thanks for sharing it!! :) - fê

Migolia said...

Looks amazing! I really like the small glimpse of the female in the hairstyle. Thanks aWT!

TumTum Simiolino said...

Awesome *-*

BlueRafael said...

Wonderful! Its nice to have a male hair that isn't a slightly modified version of an older hair...

Flajko said...

Gorgeous! :D Thank you! :)

Lana Turner said...

Beautiful thank you!!! *-*

chobits said...

You never cease to amaze me with all your creations and mods, I and I'm sure everyone truly appreciates it!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Darko said...

Finlay god...no not god AWESOME male hairstyle XD Thank you sooooo much for this!!!
I absolutely LOVE it ^o^

Kittycattylion said...

oOoo! what quality work!

*flails* you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. The hair is very well made and the texture is amazing! Keep up your quality work ♥

Robodl95 said...

Awesome! great texture, lovely mesh :)

Jeremy said...

I don;t know what to say! :O
it's just so beautiful!
Now i can have more good looking male sims :3 with a different hair style :3
thanks for sharing this awesome hair!

Chicago said...

This hair looks great! Thank you so much for sharing ^.^

Happy Anniversary <3

Scepter said...

Wow! Wonderful hair, thank you so much! Happy Anniversary too! :)

Antonio said...

You know I really like this hair, you put a lot of effort on it, and I apreciate that :)
It's simply amazing :D

"Oh, TS2 just needs tweaks, as Anto did everything, stubborn!"

Me? Stubborn? XD Weren't you the one who had to edit everything to make it perfect? hahahaha, even when you were about to post it XD

BuDi said...

That looks pretty.
Thank you.
I’ll make good use of it. :)

Calvaria said...

AWESOME!!!thank you so much !!

Jesphir said...

You have really outdone yourself with this hair, just checked in game and it was instant love!
Congratulations on the anniversary and thank you for sharing such quality work!
I really can't wait to see what next is coming up from awesome you! :)

J陳 said...

WOW! When will you release sims2!?
perfect perfect *___*
Thank you so sooo much!! ❤❤

Lapiz Lazuli said...

This look awesome! :]

Rob said...

Very nice! Thank you very much! :D

reminiscence said...

Gorgeous hair, thank you!

#MK said...

Thank you everyone very much!!
I feel very glad to know you like the hair. ッ

I am thinking on perhaps redoing this hair but with less planes, to give it a more clean look.

It would not be as detailed in mesh as this one but I think it could create another look. Will see!

Anonymous said...

Another great creation Mark...I love it :)


Sage said...

I think it will be my favorite hair. Thank you very much!

KnightDevil♥ said...

Really nice and always be :)
Thank you aWT

Amrit Thapaliya said...

Its really nice, I like it.If you want to have some anniversary gift site here it is,


sorry if you don't like this

blu3 ブルー said...

OMG I Love IT!!!


Finally a Manlier hair <3

ARH said...

Hi,do you planning on converting this hair to TS2? I really need it for TS2,because I don't play TS3 anymore...
This hair is amazing,I hope you could convert it. Thanks! =))

I'm sorry for my weird words,my head a little hazy today... X3

cshaman89 said...

I am unable to download this file. Media Fire says: "The file you attempted to download is an archive that is damaged or possibly encrypted". Could you look into this as I would really like to include this hair mesh in my collection. It is really awesome in picture.

Unknown said...

Aww it was removed :(

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