It's Dying!

Download-a-holic much!?


jHahley said...

That's because you have such big space, imagine, myself, have a 40Gb hard drive.
Cant download anything without having warning on my screen of limited space.
By the way, do they sell 1.36Tb hard drives? Only knew 1.5Tb hard drives.

#MK said...

40GB!? You must suffer a lot then. XD
About the space, companies advertise HD sizes in decimal (base 10)
But computers work in binary (base 2)

They Advertise: 1.5TB = 1500GB;
Really Means: 1.36TB = 1360GB;

#MK said...

Btw, don't confuse Tb (Terabit) with TB (Terabyte).
People tend to confuse between them, thinking they are the same thing, when they are not.

Antonio said...

"Download-a-holic much!?"
answer is YES XD