Currently Going On

I would like to apologize to everyone who requested things from me.
And yet I had not made them, I feel very bad because of it.

Hope you understand me, as my life is a bit complicated, and I have many things going on right now.
I will take some time to attend all of them, just need some time to breath and of course, have fun!

Wanted to write what I've been doing this time so whoever follows my blog can keep track of my going ons.

Well, I've been struggling with 3DS for a while. I always had interest in 3D Design.
So I though on trying myself, this is a hair mesh I've been doing these past weeks:

I know, I started with the most difficult thing, polygon hair.
Well, it's first mesh, so it's not "perfect", but it's almost done.
According to Cazy it's "Poser"-like mesh... (I hope it's good thing.. XD)
I need to redo UV Mapping here and there, reduce polygons, then convert to game format.

Now on programming side, I've been studying Peter's s3pi, it's a very powerful API to use within DBPF.
I am implementing it with most of my tools.
So far, only the Scripter tool has it.
I did not touched it yet, it works on the current release as it should.
I will write/direct some scripts that use along with it in a future.

Also, I am now going under GPL license on my applications, which means free software.
I am now registered into SourceForge and I will be uploading my applications in there.

You may have saw, I've added some new categories, you can see on the Tag list at the sidebar.
I wanted to use this blog as a focus on my "little blog world".
So, I will be posting music I like, writing some code snippets, posting random pictures and videos...
Things I do when bored.. etc. XD

So, that's basically it for now, dear person/bot.
I don't think I will upload anything this week, but I wish you a Happy New Year's Eve!
That it brings much luck, love, and all things that everyone deserves! :D

By the way, I think it will continue snowing in here for a while... XD


Anonymous said...


Just wanna say please dont feel bad about those request!In fact, I feel bad requesting it >.< Do take your time and enjoy life the fullest!:))

and Happy New Year's Eve too!

Shyne said...

I'm just so excited about this! :D

lilisims.com said...

You rock!

Aleex said...

Awesomee Hair!! -♥-


Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to this! :D

Lapiz Lazuli said...

This look great I'm sure it will come out awesome.
also thanks for visiting me, :)