NewSea #J038: Retexture

Update: I've uploaded the wrong file, there are no real changes on the hair itself.
However, I've put the modified resources to make the hair does not replace NewSea original.
So, look for one with a Custom Thumbnail in CAS.
Sorry for incovenience, did not realized I put the wrong file.
I've also updated the preview pictures to look a little better. Hope you like it! >_<
Now it only uses one resource texture set instead of one for each age.
Will be using this on next hairs, to improve performance of loading too many textures same time.

Note: The mesh is required to the retexture work.
You can get it here.
Plus, follow my tutorial to make sure that it override the original texture.

Filenames: aWT_RT_B_NewSea-SIMS3-hair-J038-LemonGrass

Credits: General Credits
Mesh - NewSea

Polycount: 11,347x



Evergreen said...


i love you.

Hello_Kitty said...

Thank You <3 <3

Anubis360 said...

No mesh required? That's something you have to teach me! ^-^

Anonymous said...

I do not understand how to download the mesh! I can't figure out how to change language on the site either! Can someone tell me where the download button is?

Robodl95 said...

Love ya aWT! The method worked great! Now the problem lies in that Newsea creates freaking 62,000 poly meshes! You are very lucky to have gotten a 10,000 one!

#MK said...

Rob, 62K!? Which hair has 62K poly!?

Anubis, it's rather simple actually, Rob figured it out, but if you have any doubts just ask me on MSN.

Anon, meshes are all over internet, just look at the right places. *hint* Google *hint*

Anubis360 said...

Oh God I'm sooo stupid! I thought it wasn't possible with CTU and it is! XD But it didn't work before, maybe I did something wrong back then. Are you going to release any other retexture these days? So I don't do the same hairs :)

#MK said...

The main way to make this to work is to apply an priority rule over the engine resource, as explained in my tutorial.
You don't even need CTU, only the resource key reference info (Type, Group, Instance).
For that, you can use only S3PE which uses its own file name pattern while you export resources.
So, you just need to import back in a new package.

I probably won't be releasing any other hairs for a while.
I am working in some tools and they keep me very busy and my life is a mess right now.
So, you don't need worry about it...

Jessejag said...

This is really beautiful. The texture is gorgeous. Is it Pooklet?
Can you retexture also Lady Diary and Sakura Drops? And Roy too! They are my favorites. :)
Thank you very very much for this!

Anonymous said...

I am trying to make textures my own, and I was wondering why is there are CASP file in the packages? Is it necessary if I use your method?
Sorry to bother, just wanted to ask this.

#MK said...

Jesse, current textures I am using are a blend of my own and Anto's.
I am not taking requests at the moment, but I will write those on my list.
Since I already did Sakura a time ago I will upload it later.

Anon, the CASP file is to not override NewSea hair texture, but seems I uploaded the wrong version.
Might need to update this hair now to add the new textures instances to the TGI though.

Jada said...

Thanks! You did a GREAT job.

Anonymous said...

need the mesh ???????????? :((

Parkerpguw said...

Thanks! You did a GREAT job.