XMSims Hair #014: Retexture & Alpha Edit

Phew! Another one from XMSims, a lovely mesh!
This one was a bit tricky to adjust, but everything went fine.
Thank god EA created the autoupdate method for packages, this way I edit the textures in one monitor, while in the other I see what it looks like.
Really neat, something every modder needs.

I am looking for some male hairs to retexture as well, some people over at MS3B pointed me to really good ones;
This have been a little adventure, I find it fun to tweak the textures, that's why I enjoy to make this in my free time. Silly, I know...

The EA highlight-adjustment way fits really well on this hair, so does the Shine-adjustment.
Sometimes it's so hard to decide... Wish we could have both!
Anyway, hope you like this one!

Note: The mesh is required to the retexture work.
You can get it here (Direct Link).

Plus, follow my tutorial to make sure that it override the original texture!

Filenames: aWT_RT_B_XMS3-FloraHair014-TFtoEF
Credits: Mesh - XMSims (Flora)

Pictures: (Click for bigger)


Alpha Comparison:
Original Edit



Anonymous said...

Sorry to bother you but can you explain the two files? Do we need both to make it work? Or what does 'B' and 'H' stand for?


Anonymous said...

Ah nevermind figured it out, it's bright and normal gg at failure to read.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Little Miss Epic said...

^ trollwut

TumTum Simiolino said...

I love it :B

Anonymous said...

is not possible to make your hair in sims3 pack?

#MK said...

Trolls... :P

Anonymous: "is not possible to make your hair in sims3 pack?"

As I stated before, what I share here is not the hair, but only new textures to it. Sharing only textures in Sims3Pack is an obsolet method. Which is better to avoid;
If you really want to sum it with your DBC's along with the hair you can do that with S3PE:
1. Open the DBC with S3PE;
2. Menu: Resource > Import from package...
3. Select the Package you want;
4. Save.

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