I am planning on changing the layout a bit of the blog.
A bit not, ENTIRELY!
Not a big fan of how it currently looks like.

Currently I am doing a global script to optimize stuff around here.
I will do that, so I can have more organized stuff around here.
I'll separate the global scripts at the widget with the title "aWT Global Script" if you want to check out how things are done.

Will implement on it the main functions of the tolls I may write in future, being HTML or not.
Likely the Patch Generator, I will also put another like a table.
Just like I did in a thread at SimsCave.

Also, I would like to thank everyone for their comments and help on here, they mean a lot guys! :)
It motivates me to continue doing this stuff. Even when I am bored! >_<

Today I took the day off work, mainly because I had such a great time at the rave yesterday.
Well, this and because I am still "energized".
I swear, someone placed something in my drinks!