Ambitions Hairs Retextured

This is my first retexture EVAH, hopefully I will retexture more hairs, in fact, I already am.
I finished this 3 days ago, but I've been gathering some feedback first before anything.

My main objective on doing this retexture was to make the hairs look, you know, more like hair.

Seriously, EA's texture looks like someone picked some papers, painted them and put on the Sim's head.
While modifying the textures, almost every single of them had these hard "strokes" over them.
What kind of concept they are trying to achive?
Safe to say, I hate EA's textures!

Anyway, there are 51 hairs in total, I did not, however, retextured 3 of the male hairs, they are the shorter ones, because they looked better with EA's texture than my edit.
I put all them in one package so that it doesn't cause much impact on the game's performance.

Credits to texture goes to Pooklet and Anubis for his highlight control edit.
And to Savio too, for having patience with me!

The pictures show a comparison between EAxis' textures and my edit. You can tell which one is which, right!?

Click on the pictures to view their full size.

Compressed: 18.2Mb
Uncompressed: 67.8Mb


Anonymous said...

hiya :D great job but erm.... which one is which?:S

Anonymous said...

I was hoping somebody would do this,good job!

Zeri said...

do they overwrite the originals?

awwboo said...

Thanks :) I'm hoping maybe for some WA ones as well? Hint Hint...

#MK said...

Hey guys thanks for the comments.

The one in left is EA's and mine is at right. It is pretty clear, but whatever. :D

@Zeri: These are a default replacement, so it replaces the original hair.

@awwboo: Oh, I will!
I did already the ones from HELS, but they need some retouching on the diffuse.
Right now I am focused to finish the ones from the store first.

Cold_Blood said...

hey how to download it?

Anonymous said...

hey how to download this? and where can i put em?

#MK said...

Download the file, unzip with WinRAR or 7zip and put them at your Mods folder.

Anonymous said...

Do you need Ambitions for these to work?

Anonymous said...

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