2D-TXT Contacts #001

  An update for this lovely rainy day, some 2D work.
Did you saw the eclipse? I was just stunned... so beautiful!

This is a pair of contacts in HQ 4096x4096 resolution, for most detail possible.
I am not very happy with the lights a bit, some things I think could've done better before blending... but I do hope you like the outcome!

I leave here a special thanks to my beautiful friend Ayumi for all the help through 2D and WM for allowing me to use her awesome eye-whites!
That's it, in hope you have a lovely day and, of course, a happy simming! ッ  

Filename: aWT_TS3-TXT-Eye001

Credits: General Credits
Eye Whites - WM

HQ:         4096x4096
Channels: RGB


Anonymous said...

I love these...the colors look perfect :)


#MK said...

Merci cherié. ッ

Sackgirl said...

I love eyes. Thank you for theses. They look very detailed.

BlackSweety said...

These are so lovely! Thank you. Great quality, as usual)))

TumTum Simiolino said...

Looks so beautiful *-*

feriunn said...

Wow! Soo beautifull, I can see a lots of sims of me using it! It is very fantasy and realistic at both time. thank you for having a share with us! -fê

Bożena said...


Anonymous said...

These are so gorgeous! They have alot of depth, very realistic! Good job. ♥

I love your creations and mods. :)

#MK said...

Ah. Thank you all for your comments. ッ

Anonymous said...

These look so beautiful and realistic. Definitely trying these out! Thanks much.

Mura said...

What I love the most of these contacts is the glass quality to it. It's mesmerizing and allows you to use very versatile color combination, whether it's realistic colors or saturated ones.

I also like the color channels control! I have two elf sims that I tried those contacts on, and combining aqua green with light yellow really gives a beautiful, leaf-like look to the iris!

Anyway, thanks for this!

Mura said...

Little report:

From time to time, whether it's loading a save game with a sim wearing your contacts or after putting that sim in the neighborhood, this may happen. The color that overlays on the whole face is the main color given to the contacts I think.

It NEVER happened (and still haven't happened) with any other contacts that I downloaded, so I'm not sure why it does to yours. Also, sometimes, this can be temporarily fixed by changing the contacts and then put them back on.

Cecesaun1 said...

I love these, especially for dark colors they give more depth to the eyes! I just uploaded a sim recently and he had these contacts on and it seemed like they proved to be very popular!! Thanks again and I gave you full credit along with a link to your blog here! Thanks for sharing these! <3

KnightDevil♥ said...

So beautiful, thank you aWT :D

Neveaux said...

What male hair did you use??
it's look nice, i search for this hairstyle type (and look a like) for such a long time

i love the eyes color, they look fantastic
(sorry for bad english)