Hair Mesh #003 Render

Vertices Faces Polygons
8.196x 38.910x 12.970x


Tomislaw said...

WOW, how cool a mesh! :)
I like your effort on this.

Shyne said...

VERY excited to see the end result :D

BlackSweety said...

Great, as usual! I will download it 100%!) This is the hairstyle I want for myself today!!

WM said...

Hi aWT,
This watermelon, the mesh is so cute :3, waiting for it!!
This is my e-mail : su-ba@hotmail.fr

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

This is a very cute mesh. I really love the bangs! ♥

Anubis360 said...

Looks AWESOME!! And high poly as well, too much time with Anto I guess XD

Anonymous said...

Oh Yes !.. I'm very impatient too to see the result. If this mesh is available for Sims 3 that's good cause I want to create Major Motoko Kusanagi in the game. :)

Antonio said...

Hey e.e great work, you must be hell patient to do all the planes XD Hope to see it with texture soon :D, then *alpha-fixing mode: on* XD you'll end with headache hahaha

keep this way, your meshes go better and better :3

XD nonono, the dude loves highpoly hahaha, I did nothing! XD
*en serio... es peor que yo XD*

Anonymous said...

I would need to see the end result to have an idea how it looks. But still, the picture of this mesh looks awesomely cute! Can't wait! :)

AnnieBonnie said...

Lovely, my dear!!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks really detailed.
You are very good at meshing! I hope you make male hairstyles someday too.

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