GEOM Slider: "Forehead Depth"

The result of my boredom today... XD
This is a very strategical slider, this means that a range of 5%~10% is enough to achieve a "normal" depth into the forehead.

The body skeleton doesn't have any forehead bone, this means that hair meshes may look out of place if they show the root really near the scalp area.
And the only way to do this so far is by a GEOM slider as there are no forehead bone in the Sim structure.

I did not touched the near-scalp vertices, for obvious reasons. XD
The slider is not bidirectional, but I may make it so in future.
It works for all ages (patience... XD) and for both male and female.

I made GIFs so you can see how it affects. The blue is the original morph border related to this morph.
Next step would be to make a brow depth slider, so we can have even more control how the forehead looks overall.

Filename: aWT_HACK_GEOMSLIDER_ForeheadDepth

Credits: General Credits
Wes Howe GEOM Plugins
CMarNYC MorphMaker


Translated Languages
| English
| Portuguese
Spanish (Thanks Anto)
Dutch (Thanks Kitty)
French (Thanks pulpfiction3)
German (Thanks Anonymous)
Danish (Thanks Nadia)


#MK said...

In case your language text isn't in the list, leave a comment with the translation language & text.
And I shall insert into the slider file.

Kittycattylion said...

Dutch = aWT_HACK_GEOMSLIDER_VoorhoofdDiepte
Forehead Depth = Voorhoofd Diepte

Anonymous said...

I can't thank you enough for this!!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you for doing this! I've been lamenting the lack of forehead sliders since I got TS3 on release day! Only the other day did someone release a hand scale/thinning slider along with a YA male only forehead slider to round it out some.

I was glad to see someone in the comments ask about a concave forehead slider (as opposed to the released convex slider). I'm glad you managed to pop this out so quickly! Huzzah!

And I can't agree more on the brow depth slider. You can't making a sloping forehead with just he slightly concave forehead alone. I'm equally as excited to hear about a potential brow depth slider. That alone would be worth the immense wait. :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you Awt ! This is very useful slider ^^
Can you make neck width slider either ?
thx ^^

laracarter said...

French = aWT_HACK_GEOMSLIDER_Profondeur_Front
Forehead = Front
Depth = Profondeur

Merci ! Thanks for this slider ! It's nice to translate its name because many of my additional sliders have no name in my game !

lilisims.com said...

I like it if You are "bored" - the result of this until all of them: we don't certainly! (LOL.)

Anonymous said...

German= aWT_HACK_GEOMSLIDER_Stirntiefe
Foreheaddepth= Stirntiefe

Anonymous said...

Absolutly great. Big thanks for this.

reminiscence said...

This is great!!! Thank you, aWT!

Nadia said...

Danish = aWT_HACK_GEOMSLIDER_Pandedybde
Forehead = Pande
Depth = Dybde :)

- Thank you so much for this!

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting this for a long time now; you've read my mind. Thank you for sharing it!!

chobits said...

Just excellent work!!! I'm so glad there are creator's like you, that never cease to amaze me! Keep up the tremendous work!!!

#MK said...

*-* Thanks everyone!

And thank you for the support, I will add the new languages and update the package in moments.

#MK said...

Anonymous: The brow slider will be a real challenge, since it's a very sensitive area, and have more polygons near on it.
Means I will have to be very careful on how the morph will be affected.

Need some time after current projects to start these. Or maybe just roll into together. XD

As for the neck slider, I will take a look into it.

Lili: I should be bored more often then. XD

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I do know there's a lot to consider when attempting these feats. With previous work available for comparison, I don't doubt the quality of your work. If waiting for months for a solitary slider of such a magnitude is in order, I'll be the first to state 'It's worth the wait.' ;)

kawfeczka said...

hello :)

in Polish -> aWT_HACK_GEOMSLIDER_GłębokośćCzoła

I know Polish is hard for foreigners :D
it's very literal translation but I'm not finding better words :D I think it would be ok :) and many thanks for making this slider!! Greetings

Anonymous said...

I love you for this!

I always hated the female Barbie foreheads.

Great Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you MUST make this bidirectional. Man, if this is your result of boredom in a day, that'd be no problem for you!

I'm dying for my sims to have larger foreheads!

spring Autumn said...

I love it!

Thank you so much!

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Night said...

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Anonymous said...

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