Peggy #77: Alpha Edit & Retexture

Hey! This is a really old hair by Peggy, and I really liked it.
I edited this mainly because I saw a it could also have potential with it just a bit shorter.
So, I reduced the Alpha and retextured it. >_<

I don't think I will be tweaking my hair texture anymore, I got them just the way I like.
Before it did not had much detail between the brighter parts, but now it does.
I simply made a blend of it with Pooklet's to add more subtle details. And it went very well.

Anyway, I hope you like it! :D

Note: The mesh is required to the retexture work.
You can get it here (Booty Link  )

Plus, follow my tutorial to make sure that it override the original texture!

Filenames: aWT_RT_B_peggyzone-sims3-hair0034-090930

Credits: General Credits
Mesh - Peggy



Anonymous said...

Thanks :P

Sweet Ambrosia said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you,thank you, thank you =3!!!

aWT said...

You're welcome guys. ^^

Anonymous said...

I think you accidentally uploaded aWT_RT_B_peggyzone-sims3-hair0034-090930 twice or made an error with the links since both of them direct to the same mediafire file.

aWT said...

Thanks for mentioning it, I've fixed the links.

Anonymous said...

im inlove with this hair.. i wish there is a link that doesnt need the original one since it takes too much space on my pc.. :(

Anonymous said...

I agree: this is MUCH better shorter :)