Blog: Global Integration

This seems to be harder than I though it would be.
Basically, for example, if a patch comes out, all I have to do is to add the patch version numbers, and everything that leads to patch versions (Patch Link Generator, Slider Hack, *future* Patch Link Table) will update itself.
Making my life MUCH easier!

Of course, this is like creating a "bot". Not so easy, sometimes.
Most part is done, I updated mainly all CSS I use often, and now I need to integrate all the script use together.

I've been doing a Hash Generator, a small tool, something that every programmer needs.
Basically it generates hashes for CRC32, MD5, SHA*, etc., as well of encoding and decoding Base64 Strings;
I did this mainly because I upload a lot of stuff to forums, and Hashes are very required when we speak about 1Gb+ filesizes.

At the same time, I am studying Windows 7 API, which includes plenty of snippets that uses features of Windows 7.
If you are a programmer, you need to check it out: link.

I may be using it in future tools, such as to add the Shell "Aero Glass" effect, Pinned Taskbar Items/Categories, etc.

Can't wait to finish this, I get all excited doing this stuff. LOL
Until later!